Process was easy and my agent was very helpful, guiding me through the process. She had answers to all my questions including some I didn’t know to ask! Would recommend this service to any and all going through this difficult time.

Michael Cormier, Trenton ON – July 2019

The package was extremely thorough and the instructions were very clear, thank you. I am extremely pleased with this service and very impressed.

L.B., Richmond BC – July 2019

My Associate was very thorough in explaining all the steps I needed to complete.

David Drake, Frankford ON – July 2019

This is the second time within a year and a half we have dealt with Peacehold. First my brother, now with my grandson. My agent has been extremely courteous and helpful. Your documentation package has been very helpful and easy to follow. Thank you again.

Barrie Bogaert, Port Lambton ON – July 2019

I was extremely pleased with your service. In a difficult time, it was very helpful to have the paperwork completed for me, provided with addressed envelopes, and only required my signature and mailing. With so many other issues facing me in trying to settle my brother’s affairs, and unfamiliar with the requirements of a foreign country, I would be at a standstill without your assistance. I particularly welcomed my agent’s compassionate assistance and follow-up phone call to ensure I was happy with the package of documents and was made aware the service was in place for any problems that might come up in the future year.

Myrna Johnston, Eagle River AK USA – July 2019

I found the service provided by Peacehold to be greatly appreciated and helpful. It made dealing with necessities very smooth and easy. You took the guess work out of it all. I thank you sincerely. You provide a service that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Kerri Herrington, Trenton ON – July 2019

I received an email informing me of my shipping date and a tracking number. The package arrived when the email said and I received a phone call about 3 days later to make sure I did actually receive the package. I had not fully read it when she called but followed the instructions and steps in the letter. I did call my Associate to clarify a couple of items, which were answered immediately and clearly. Letters all sent off and hopefully no questions from the agencies the letters went to. For regular people still in grief and not sure where to start or what all needs to be done, the service that Peacehold offers is terrific.

Jim Carswell, Campbellford ON – July 2019

Thank you for a great service. It was like having a really good professional assistant handle everything. The only criticism is, that when asking my daughter for initial information, your service did not identify itself clearly and the funeral home did not know that we had a policy with you. Otherwise flawless service, thank you!

Dr. Charles Hampton, Glen Margaret NS – July 2019

Thank you so much. Well done!

L.B., Marysville BC – July 2019

This was very helpful and saved me so much time, even down to the typed envelopes and stamps.

Dorothy Mereu, London ON – July 2019

This service was very helpful to me during a very difficult time. What a relief it was knowing that the paperwork was being taken care of and done properly and in a timely fashion. I also love that I can call in and ask questions for up to a year, which I have done more than once. Thank you so much! I will, and already have passed your company name on.

A.T., Ilderton ON – July 2019

Your service and help was better than could be expected. At this time having to arrange these letters myself may have been too much to handle. Your employees and the lady I was in touch with were incredibly helpful … a far above and beyond experience. Thank you for all of your help during the worst experience of my life!

Jamie Earhart, Burlington ON – July 2019

My agent was great and so helpful. There were things to do that I had no idea about. Without her help, a lot of companies and people would have never known about Kathy’s death. Thanks so much … you’re the best!

Kenneth Gauthier, Woodville ON – July 2019

This was extremely useful! I would definitely recommend this service to everyone.

Sara Vieira, Vancouver BC – July 2019

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