You were very prompt in sending necessary information. I was tardy in completing the letters due to illness and other complicating issues in my life. Yes, I will most certainly recommend your service to anyone requiring the same. Thank you for the second time to complete the necessary forms. I hope this will be it for a long time.

Anne Marie Van Den Bossche, Corunna ON – July 2022

Excellent service. My Associate was great … made a tough time a lot easier.

R.K., Walkerton ON – July 2022

I found this to be exceptionally helpful. I would not know where to begin without this service. It was very precise, and my agent was very nice and comforting. I will definitely recommend this to anyone if anything arises.

J.J., Kincardine ON – July 2022

The representative I dealt with took the time to explain everything about the process of finalizing my mother’s affairs. She even helped with some of my dad’s accounts, even though he had passed 4 years earlier. There was some confusion on the addresses as my mother had 3 different abodes in the last few years of her life. But a quick phone call and Peacehold had it all straightened away. Thank you for your aid in all these processes. You really streamline the work.

Heather Griffin, Georgetown ON – July 2022

Excellent service … would highly recommend. Eased stress for me.

C.W., London ON – July 2022

Thank you for providing this invaluable service. You folks made a daunting task doable. I don’t know how we would have had the time, patience, or knowledge to wrap up dad’s affairs without your help. Special thank to my marvelous agent for all her time and patience pulling our package together.

Kelly Norgate, Belfast PEI – July 2022

There are a few words to express my gratitude for the care and service you provide in our most devastating loss. One is so overwhelmed during these times. I would recommend you to anyone I know going through rough times. Great service and exceptional people.

Judy Puskas, Wallaceburg ON – July 2022

With my mother passing away suddenly and unexpectedly, I felt myself in the middle of a storm with so much to deal with. Peacehold helped me deal with all the items required and allowed me time to focus more on the mourning process of my mother’s passing. Thank you SO much!

E.B., Trenton ON – July 2022

My Associate was very compassionate. I am incredibly grateful for this service. There were many more people to contact than I had envisioned. It sincerely appreciated that all the letters were typed and all I had to do was append my signature and enclose the required documents along with the letter in the stamped and addressed envelopes. An incredible amount of time was saved by my Associate providing all the necessary information required. All I had to do was make copies of the death certificate and collect all the required documents. Thank you for a job well done.

Jeanette Paisley, Langley BC – July 2022

Thank you for all of your help during a very difficult time.

W.C., Kemptville ON – July 2022

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that my mother had arranged for this service. The experience was wonderful. If only with Mom had told us (explained) what she had arranged ahead of time, but I’m sure that happens a lot. Having the knowledge now that we could have had the funeral home paid directly would have eased the burden (financial) for us. TruStage was extremely quick in processing the payments and paperwork. I have already started recommending the services to other people. Thank you for everything! PS The self-addressed and postage paid envelopes were quite a surprise. We didn’t need to worry about “getting it wrong” or clearly written. A++ grade!

Scott B., Peterborough ON – July 2022

Losing my husband was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn’t have known where to begin with all of the paperwork that Peacehold handled for me. The process although still difficult, was made as painless as possible, thanks to my agent. Such an incredible service. I am incredibly grateful.

Sarah Moser, Georgetown ON – July 2022

This process was thorough and delightful to use, although in trying circumstances. I highly recommend this to others.

Craig Postons, London ON – July 2022

A good resource of information provided and saving of time. Thank you to my Associate for all your excellent help. Well-designed package.

M.V., Georgetown ON – July 2022

The service you provide is beyond priceless. A bright light in the logistical aftermath of losing someone. My Associate was a dream to work with. Perfectly balanced between professionalism and sympathy. Thank you so much.

Nathan Revane, Coquitlam BC – July 2022

I had no idea this type of service was available. It has taken so much stress and confusion out of a very stressful time. I am very interested in this service for the future. I would also like any information about TruStage Funeral Insurance. My representative was amazing and so helpful with everything. Answered every question I had without hesitation. I received a follow-up phone call as well and I know any further questions she will help with.

Cheryl Martindale, Ennismore ON – July 2022

My agent was fantastic! We had no idea this service existed, and we had no idea what needed to be done as this is the first time going through a parent’s death. What a service! My agent was thorough and followed-up several times.

Allen Robinson, Trenton ON – July 2022

My contact person I found to be well versed in the process and well prepared including anticipating some of my questions. She was very kind, patient and was a good listener. My inquiries were promptly addressed, and the answers complete and clearly communicated. Peacehold services should be known by everyone as during sad and stressful times after losing a loved one, their services are simply needed by all families. Their service make dealing with difficult times more manageable.

Paulette Beaudry-Klug, Oakville ON – July 2022

My agent was extremely helpful and considerate. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

Barbara Eslake, Mount Currie BC – July 2022

Great service. Also, glad that it goes beyond the first few months after someone’s death. My Associate was very helpful and friendly.

Dawn Beaton, Cambridge ON – July 2022

Thank you so much for all your help during this difficult time. Highly recommend this service.

Angela Ibbotson, Trenton ON – July 2022

Thank you to Peacehold for coming to my rescue at a time when I was feeling lost and vulnerable. A special thanks to my contact. During our initial telephone conversation, she was professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. In short, she gave me a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The package of paperwork was well organized and came in a timely manner and was easy to understand. Letters were prepared, forms were marked where more information was required with instructions of documentation to be sent to various agencies. I highly recommend Peacehold.

Mary B., Georgetown ON – July 2022

This was an amazing service. As a first-time executor, I had no idea what to expect. Having all these letters, envelopes, stamps, and instructions was a blessing. I am a professional organizer for a living, and I hope to add you to my list of services when I’m dealing with clients who have lost a loved one.

Justine McVeigh, Toronto ON – July 2022

We are very pleased with the service we have received from you and continue to do so. I have talked to our children, family members and friends about your services. I leave it up to them to decide what is best for them. Thank you and know how much we appreciate you.

L.M., Sarto MB – July 2022

Thank you for everything, I could not have done it without you. I can’t think of anyone that need your services at the moment.

Metta–Gordan Saunders, Ajax ON – July 2022

Thank you. It was nice to have an organization like Peacehold to help me. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me, as I was at a total loss and at my age and no family assistance. You were a true god send. I thank my agent and Waterford Thompson-Mott funeral home for recommending you.

M.P., Brantford ON – July 2022

Peacehold was worth every dollar spent. The organization and efficiency of this company was exceptional.

M.R., London ON – July 2022

During the most difficult time in a person’s life, the loss of a loved one, it was a relief to have such kind, patient, thorough and resourceful staff to guide me through all of the pre and post decisions. I can’t thank you enough.

Tammy McLaren, Mississauga ON – July 2022

My Associate was so thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Every detail was explained completely and the relief I felt to have such a burden lifted from my mind was immeasurable. I didn’t know a service like this existed and am so grateful. Without Peacehold I’m sure I would have missed important details on handling my father’s estate. I cannot thank my Associate, and Peacehold enough for all you do.

Angela Brown, Trenton ON – July 2022

Sorry to have to use your services, but you did a good job.

Paul Gale, Stittsville ON – July 2022

Thank you so much to my agent … she was a big help. I appreciate her a lot.

Gerry Holt, Windsor ON – July 2022

Thank you to my representative for our communications over this period, including timely call backs. I have special appreciation for the “estate documentation” folder. All forms affected were easy to follow and action accordingly. This folder allowed my timely response, eliminating confusion and frustration, as well as mental relief.

L.H., Trenton ON – July 2022
Thank you for your help. I really appreciated it.

D.Z., Walkerton ON – July 2022

This is the third time our family has used the services of Peacehold and each time the assistance and process has been seamless and efficient. Thank you to our Associate for doing all the heavy lifting.

Marney McLean, Burlington ON – July 2022


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