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  • Your services streamlined the essential paperwork required when a loved one passes away. It made the task so easy and we will pass your contact information on to other family members when they are faced with what we have gone through.

    T.S., Chilliwack BC (December 2019)
  • Your service has been exceptional and has made a difficult time much easier.

    Tammy Hoover, Bancroft ON (December 2019)
  • The Peacehold service was very important in allowing us to promptly and thoroughly make the necessary contacts after our loss.

    B.M., Walkerton ON (December 2019)
  • I have used Peacehold three times in the last 9 years. I found Peacehold to be very thorough and helpful during a time that is chaotic and stressful. Peacehold helped to bring a measure of order and direction and I am personally grateful for that.

    Patrick Kinsella, London ON (November 2019)
  • Having both my parents add this service to their pre-arranged funerals, they gave me a most caring and thoughtful gift. And having actually used it after their passing over the last year, each time I found it a most organized, efficient and effectively expedited service

    R.J., London ON (November 2019)

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