We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.


Excellent service – took a lot of stress off this process.

D.G., Hanover ON – October 2022

It was a thorough process that wasn’t very difficult to go through and your representative was very respectful and kind.

Peter Harston, Vancouver BC – October 2022

I found the process to be very efficient and easy. Our agent was very respectful, and he handled all of the paperwork seamlessly. I feel that this is a very needed service provided by Peacehold. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

S.B., Brantford ON – October 2022

Excellent service. Our Associate was very patient and a wonderful communicator. The process was very streamlined and organized. They had a very calm and compassionate personality; much appreciated during a very difficult and sad time.

Kirsten Turner, Kingston ON – October 2022

Thank you to our representative for your compassion and professionalism. It was very much appreciated.

Rae Stohl, Calgary AB – October 2022

Excellent, efficient and a very compassionate team. Peacehold was a huge help for us to close all the businesses we needed to end. It was truly amazing. It has been a whirlwind of events and we finally found this feedback form after moving. Thank you so much for all the care given to us!

William Smith, Vancouver BC – October 2022

Thank you for your support and professionalism during the whole process. We greatly appreciate it!

B.F., London ON – October 2022

Very easy to understand and would have otherwise been lost if not for your service. Muchly appreciated, thank you.

R.S., Brandon MB – October 2022

Our Associate was calm, compassionate, very clear with the requirements and what I should expect and be asked to do. Not all people providing services by phone are clear, and clarity at this time was what I needed and received. The whole process was thorough (it included items I never would have considered) and well executed. I would recommend your services to others.

R.T., Toronto ON – October 2022

Excellent service. Easy to follow. Stress free.

Ted Hnatkowski, Kincardine ON – October 2022

I can’t imagine how much work this would have been for me without Peacehold. You could not have made this any easier for me.

D.H., London ON – October 2022

I found your documentation to be clear and easy to follow, thankfully! Particularly the lists of what to include in each mailing, thank you.

J.P., Windsor ON – October 2022

I had no idea this service existed prior to losing my father in March. It was brought to my attention by Jones Funeral Home. I was taken aback by the professionalism, efficiency and compassion exhibited by my representative. She made a very difficult and overwhelming situation so much easier and clearer for me. She explained what to expect and then did what needed to be done. I have since recommended your service to friends and acquaintances. Thank you so much.

Susanne Lewis, Calgary AB – October 2022

I was very impressed with your service, found it very compassionate and professional, and very helpful at this time when you don’t know where to turn for help. My package was very complete as to what to do and very thorough. Many thanks to my Associate for all her help.

C.M., Brampton ON – October 2022

Service was prompt and clear.

R.G., Sherbrooke QC – October 2022

My agent was a terrific individual. She was calm and offered condolences, answered questions, advised me what the package would contain and included a checklist which was most helpful.

M.K., London ON – October 2022

Thank you for making the most difficult time in one’s life the easiest. Your service is invaluable/priceless at a time of loss. Helpful, kind staff are much needed at times like these. Thank you for providing such an important service to those needing guidance in processing so many details.

L.H., Elmira ON – October 2022

The service provided by my agent was professional, caring and greatly appreciated. Everything was clearly explained, and the instructions were easy to follow.

George Andres, Dalmeny SK – October 2022

The package Peacehold sent me was fast, and all instructions were very straight forward/clear. It made the entire process easy. Thank you for your service.

Bonnie Owsianyk, Sooke BC – October 2022

I would like to thank you very much for providing all your help with dealing with all the paperwork involved with the passing of my husband. It was very professional and compassionately done.

M.K., Mildmay ON – October 2022

It was such a big help and eased a lot of stress for me. My Associate was very precise and answered my questions in a swift and timely manner. The cover letter explained everything, and instructions were easy to follow. Thank you for a job well done and making my life a little easier. It’s tough going through a death of a family member, but I highly appreciate and recommend this invaluable service. Thank you so much.

Denise Dunsmore, Georgetown ON – October 2022

At first, I was impatient with all of the questions on the phone, and it was difficult for me to find all the information required. Now I see how beneficial the process was. I do feel overwhelmed by all the paper and think one set of required legal forms could be sent and handled by one government office. I suppose that will never happen.

M.C., Oshawa ON – October 2022

In a word, OUTSTANDING! I have had the misfortune of being the executor of a couple of estates in the past. Misfortune only because of the loss of a loved one. Peacehold reduced the stress and workload by at least half. My advisor has been a delight to work with. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, thorough, very approachable and extremely accommodating. In an emotionally charged and stressful time, she has been a source of calm. The package arrived ahead of schedule with a very easy to follow list of instructions. I collected all the items as per the list on the first page of the personalized letter and then went through the package step by step. Very straight forward, and pretty much fool proof. I have and will continue to recommend Peacehold!

Mark Lyall, Acton ON – October 2022

I really appreciated having someone look after the necessary government forms. Life after death of a spouse is very hard, and in this state of being overwhelmed, even the simple things are hard to do. Government things need to be done so very quickly it is nice to have a company like yours filing these forms and looking after necessary papers. Peacehold lives up to its name. Thank you … you brought a lot of peace to me during a very difficult time. I would definitely recommend your company.

Cheryl Ann Wilks, Waterford ON – October 2022

We have used your service twice in the last year and both times your service was second-to-none. It made my job so much easier than I could have ever imagined.

Tony Pounder, Trenton ON – October 2022

My representative and Peacehold were incredible. We have never used this service before, as my parents have both passed. We won’t need it again. I wish we had known about Peacehold when my father passed. The cover letter was extremely easy to understand, we didn’t even have to worry about envelopes and stamps! The money we spent was definitely well worth it. I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

Karen Smith, Pitt Meadows BC – October 2022

Peacehold made this process so smooth and easy during a difficult time. Very appreciative for their help.

Ryan Goodfellow, Mississauga ON – October 2022

Thank you for your assistance.

D.A., Kincardine ON – October 2022

Thank you to our agent, excellent job!

Catherine Sweeney, Fergus ON – October 2022

It was very helpful. Thank you so much.

M.M., Edmonton AB – October 2022

Regarding the health insurance requirements, I feel like you should be clearer when asking for the health ID card. There are so many photocopies of everything else that it’s very easy to get stumped if the requirement is for the physical ID card or for a photocopy of the ID card. It doesn’t ask for a photocopy, but I think it would have helped me if you would have specified that you required a physical copy of the ID card, and maybe add that it’s to help combat identification fraud. That would have made me feel more secure sending away my mother’s drivers license that had her health care card on the back of it. Everything else was very easy to understand and it made the process much less stressful.

M.J., Surrey BC – October 2022

I have now been Estate Trustee for three estates. I have used Peacehold for 2 of them. I did not know of Peacehold at the time of my administration of the first estate. I cannot recommend Peacehold more highly than 10 with satisfaction. My Associate was beyond helpful, professional, and still compassionate. It is the BEST money anyone can spend in terms of administering an estate.

Heather Stewart, Halton Hills ON – October 2022

We are incredibly grateful for the thorough detail and professionalism provided by our agent on our behalf in this matter. Her compassion was genuine and gave us peace of mind and fostered trust immediately and throughout this process. I would recommend Peacehold to everyone. Peacehold took so much strife from this overwhelming process. There truly are not enough or the right words to express our gratitude for our agent and Peacehold.

M.S., Kincardine ON – October 2022

I used your service back in 2010 when my Dad passed and have often mentioned it to friends as I have found it SO helpful. Now when my Mom passed, I’ve used it again and I’m happy to have this service and peace of mind.

D.S., Toronto ON – October 2022

This service was invaluable in my time of grief. Very easy to understand and complete.

Barbara Meathrel, London ON – October 2022

I was very pleased with this service. Very helpful during this difficult time and very easy to follow instructions. Thank you kindly for your assistance!

M.C., Georgetown ON – October 2022

Your service is exactly what families are looking for to complete the necessary paperwork to ensure unnecessary documentation or government issued cheques are ceased. It gave me peace of mind knowing that all of this was taken care of.

Diane Wylds, Kincardine ON – October 2022

This whole process is very overwhelming, but fortunately for me, my representative was so very helpful and understanding and knowledgeable.

Dianne McQuaid, Belleville ON – October 2022

You were fantastic and very helpful. My agent was extremely polite and professional.

Scott Sharpin, Listowel ON – October 2022

Thank you, the service was excellent. Dealing with the loss of a loved one and completing all of the information is overwhelming at a time when you are still stricken with grief. I would highly recommend this service to everyone.

Carol McNeil, Harrison Hot Springs BC – October 2022

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