We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Just an overall thank you! You were awesome.

Marta Kucinic, Georgetown ON – October 2021

Wonderful work by a caring, compassionate agent.

P.D., Guelph ON – October 2021

Thank God for your service.

Colleen Stewart, Marmora ON – October 2021

Just wanted to say “a big thank you” to my agent for all the support he gave me. Without him, I would still be nowhere. Your company is amazing. Very satisfied with the outcome.

Suzanne Le Vesconte, Calgary AB – October 2021

I was completely satisfied with your service. At first, I was skeptical and a bit anxious about it all bUT my Associate was very calm and explained there was no pressure to use the service, but that they were here for me. He said to think about what I wanted to do and gave me time to respond. No pressure! When I did contact him a few days later, we went ahead with the service! He was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable during our conversations. His calm, direct manner put my anxieties to rest. He turned a seemingly overwhelming task into a totally do-all exercise. I would recommend this service whole-heartedly!

M.D., Brandon MB – October 2021

We had great service and follow-up from our agent. It took the guesswork out of closing accounts, notifying authorities, etc.

K.W., Pickering ON – October 2021

Our representative was extremely helpful, kind and compassionate during the process of information gathering and her follow-up support. The services provided really assisted me through a difficult process and quite frankly, I had no idea how much was involved. She and these services were highly recommended to me by a neighbour who also accessed your supports. I would highly recommend these services.

Sonja Burke, London ON – October 2021

This service was essential for my family to be able to feel in control of the dynamics involved with our loss. It was a relief to have this guidance, thank you.

D.K., Peterborough ON – October 2021

Our agent was very comforting and easy to talk to. Was always available to answer any questions we had. Would highly recommend his services.

Faye Bullee, Brandon MB – October 2021

Excellent service!

Very thorough.

Highly recommended.

Saved hours of work.

Associate responded very quickly to my emails.

C.G., Mississauga ON – October 2021

I am so grateful for your service and the speed of the completion. The stress I was sinking into sure disappeared when I got into the paperwork. It made me wonder what ever made me think I could do it myself. MONEY WELL SPENT! Many thanks.

Marilyn Brown, London ON – October 2021

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