We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

I think this is a great service when you are suffering a loss.

Brenda Prisciak, Marsden SK- November 2019

I was not aware of this great service until the passing of my grandmother, Bernice. Weaver’s was so kind in passing the helpfulness of your service onto us. Our agent at Peacehold was very kind, compassionate and helpful when she was helping me and the package arrived in a very timely manner. Thank you again.

K.H., Trenton ON – November 2019

Your services have been an amazing help. I really could not have done this without you or know even where to begin. Having your services take care of all the paperwork and phone calls really makes it easier on someone who is grieving. I especially am on my own dealing with this death of my father. It was very unexpected and a real eye-opener. I thank you from the bottom of my heart how much this means to me.

J.S., London ON – November 2019

Just to let you know, that I did appreciate, very much, the help of my Associate. She was very understanding, kind and compassionate. I did like the service very much.

Diane Plouffe Armstrong, Timmins ON – November 2019

I found your service to be very professional and very welcome to deal with everything that has to be taken care of when a loved one passes away. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without you. The employee that looked after me was extremely compassionate, understanding and patient. Thank you all for your help.

A.T., Wallaceburg ON – November 2019

Very easy to use and follow the instructions. The inclusion of envelopes with stamps is also an awesome feature.

Phil Harris, London ON – November 2019

Right from the beginning of the process, our Associate was extremely helpful and professional. Thanks for all your help!

G.Q., Georgetown ON – November 2019

Glad to have had the Peacehold service. A big load off my mind.

Jack Rutherford, Brampton ON – November 2019

A tremendous help, very thorough. An amazing service.

L.J., Brampton ON – November 2019

My Associate was wonderful. She had a kind tone and was very easy to communicate with. She understood we were in a time crunch and got everything to us very quickly.

Jen McIntosh, Pemberton BC – November 2019

I found the overall process to be very useful to me personally, as I was in no shape to take on all of these issues without our Associate’s help. Your Associate even reached out to me later to make sure things were being dealt with and even helped with a couple of minor issues (where her letter to the association or group summed up everything) in one shot. I particularly found her voice and demeanor to be reassuring and calming at the phone session.

D.F., Terra Cotta ON – November 2019

The Peacehold service was a really big help.

Shirley Easton, Lloydminster AB – November 2019

Wonderful service, easy to follow step by step instructions. Thank you so much for your wonderful help.

L.S., Waterford ON – November 2019

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