We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Between the funeral home and Peacehold, the whole experience was positive and very professional. Our mother’s passing was handled in a caring, professional manner and Peacehold was another part of the process that made our grieving play out in a positive way.

T.O., Walkerton ON – March 2020

Very difficult time and this made things much easier, thank you. You came highly recommended.

N.M., London ON – March 2020

I am very pleased with your services! I know a few people that I would love to give your services to.

Linda D Weinkauf, Lloydminster AB – March 2020

Thank you for your assistance, you have been most helpful and the forms easy to follow.

Jean Minnie, Brighton ON – March 2020

Peacehold made the process uncomplicated and thorough. Never realized the complexity of dying.

Richard Shettell, Trenton ON – March 2020

I wanted to take this opportunity to praise your organization, process and Associates. Peacehold is an invaluable tool for executors. The procedure is incredibly simple, and the resulting package is thorough and straightforward. A detailed list of what is to be enclosed with each form/letter makes the whole process foolproof. I particularly wanted to comment on the actions of my Associate. She was knowledgeable, professional and incredibly compassionate. My mother passed away at the end of January and within the week, I had conducted the interview and received the package. My elderly father was named primary executor and the package was well organized and easy to explain. Unfortunately, my father then passed away. When I informed my Associate, she immediately sent out a revised package with me as executor. I received it the next day! I then asked if I could continue with her when putting together my father’s package. Once again, the process was seamless. The service has proven to be a godsend to me. With so many other issues to contend with, especially with a double death, not having to think about how to inform every government agency and searching for the correct forms was invaluable. It greatly reduced some of the stress. I will highly recommend your service to all of my relatives and friends. Thank you so much.

Teri May, London ON – March 2020

I was not aware of the service. It was outstanding. Everything was easy right down to the stamps and the envelopes. It made the loss of my husband much easier.

Arlene Ogden, Georgetown ON – March 2020

To my agent, thank you for helping me talk through our telephone interview. You were thorough and very compassionate. The package you sent me was so easy to complete. During times like these, it’s nice to know that there are people like you out there!

Terry Toll, London ON – March 2020

My agent was most helpful and compassionate. I could not have had a better experience under the circumstances. Thank you for the service.

Chris Jenkins, Wallaceburg ON – March 2020

The Associate was excellent. She even called to check that I received the documents. She probably saved me 20 to 25 hours of doing forms, which made the cost more than appropriate.

B.M., London ON – March 2020

I was unaware of this service being included in my husband’s policy. It proved to be an invaluable service at a very difficult time. The employee that helped me was very helpful and patient, walking me through the process and I received all the documentation in a timely manner. Thank you for the peace of mind I have in knowing my obligations are completed thoroughly and correctly.

Diane Primeau, Grand Prairie AB – March 2020

Thank you to my agent for making this process so easy to complete, and also for you being so understanding and compassionate.

Valerie Migneault, Kimberley BC – March 2020

This service is excellent and gave me peace of mind.

B.M., Deep River ON – March 2020

Thank you so much for your very efficient process in making this confusing paperwork easier for us.

F.M., Saanichton BC – March 2020

This is my first experience going through this process. There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Peacehold was extremely helpful in dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”. When you are grieving, the paperwork is the last thing you want to deal with. Your agent was efficient and compassionate in explaining the process.

Marilyn Willis, Georgetown ON – March 2020

Very thorough, thank you.

Susan McGill, Huntsville ON – March 2020

The post office delivery proved a challenge for us and Peacehold stepped in to ensure the documents were in our hands in a timely fashion. This responsive service was greatly appreciated.

Mary Ellen Smith, London ON – March 2020

Your services were provided in a timely and efficient manner. I found the services extremely helpful. I may be moving to the UK some time in the future and hope that you provide these services overseas.

M.B., Trenton ON – March 2020

I definitely would recommend this service very highly. While having to deal with the loss of a loved one is very heartbreaking and stressful, the last thing you need is more stress having to gather information and contacting the government agencies and others. This package was well worth the value and 100% gave me and my family peace of mind. Thank you very much from all our family.

Wendy Leblanc, Delta BC – March 2020

My Associate was very professional and helpful. Her help with all the necessary paperwork was gratefully appreciated.

A.W., Wallaceburg ON – March 2020

Your service is absolutely invaluable. It did save the time necessary to personally go through all the details. It also ensures that all relevant documents and information are not overlooked or forgotten. It speaks well that the funeral home includes this program.

Jenny Bibby, Georgetown ON – March 2020

Thank you … very helpful service.

D.P., Georgetown ON – March 2020

Thank you to my agent! The package was laid out very well and easy to follow!

S.I., Georgetown ON – March 2020

The employee that helped me was very nice and pleasant to me. I felt that I have known her for years. On a scale from 1-10 I would give her a 12. Thanks so much … I would have been lost without you.

Ted Charron, Wallaceburg ON – March 2020

Thank you Peacehold for offering a fantastic service! I would never have thought of half of these documents and to have them arrive with only my signature and death certificate required (self addressed envelope and stamps provided), was beyond amazing. Took the pressure off me when my attention was required on other things. Thanks to my funeral home for providing the service to us.

Lisa Philpott, Toronto ON – March 2020

Your Peacehold Associate was amazingly helpful and very approachable when I had questions. This service saved me a lot of time and stress during this devastating time of grief for me. I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend this service in the future.

Linda Ross, Georgetown ON – March 2020

I especially like the fact that I can utilize your services for a year. I do expect I will be receiving more correspondence during that year.

N.B., London ON – March 2020

Very helpful. Saved me a lot of time. Great cover pages. My agent was very patient and helped me through this hard time. I would not have thought of contacting some of these services.

Irene Cooke, Stirling ON – March 2020

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