At Peacehold, we understand the importance of testimonials, and we want to share with you why they matter. Testimonials are like shining stars that guide you towards making the right decisions. They are real stories from people who have experienced our estate administration documentation services firsthand. By reading testimonials, you can hear about the positive experiences of others and gain confidence in our expertise and dedication. These heartfelt words serve as proof that we deliver on our promises and provide exceptional support to executors and estate administrators. So, don’t just take our word for it – let our testimonials speak for themselves and see why Peacehold Inc is the trusted choice for your estate administration needs.


My Associate did a fantastic job. Thank you.

Paul Krenn, Barrie, ON – June 2024

The Associate from Peacehold was very helpful in providing the info required in order to send out documents to various government agencies. She was informative and efficient and made the process very easy.

R.C., Georgetown, ON – June 2024

The service was very easy to follow. It really helped to have all the documents with the envelopes, so there was no messing things up. This was one less worry and took quite an emotional strain off of me.

Tammy Daniels, Wallaceburg, ON – June 2024

I dealt with Peacehold 9 hears ago when my Dad passed away. Then again recently for my Mom. Both times, I found Peacehold very accurate, compassionate and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends and family. They did all the work and gave us time to grieve.

Christine Romansky, Chatham, ON – June 2024

Peacehold eased the weight of responsibilities required after the passing of my uncle. I would recommend them to anyone that may want to simplify a lot of the work associated with the handling of an estate after a death.

Tarina Anthony, Scarborough, ON – June 2024

My Associate was great to deal with.

Daryl Bondy, Windsor, ON – June 2024

This was amazing! You really took the stress out of Executor paperwork. Thank you so much!

Sara d-Eon, Ottawa, ON – June 2024

I really appreciate my Associate’s compassion and kindness in processing this service for my family.

Wayne Hutchinson, ON – June 2024

Peacehold helped us in 2020 after my Mom died and also in April 2024 after my Dad died. My Associate was so kind, compassionate and respectful. She answered all of my questions and explained the process very clearly. I knew what to expect and was not overwhelmed in any way. I underestimated the amount of time and energy that my Executor role required. This process really helped me feel like I could check things off of my to do list.

Heather, London, ON – June 2024

I couldn’t have done this without Peacehold. They knew about agencies that I never would have thought of. Absolutely, I will recommend you. Thank you for relieving my stress.

Beverley Tass, Grand Bend, ON – June 2024

Peacehold certainly came to my aid when I needed you the most … taking care of the agencies I was having a problem contacting. Thanks for doing a great job and handling the tough stuff.

Linda Beattie, Riblin, MB – June 2024

Thank you so much. After speaking with you. I was put at ease knowing that you would be taking care of my needs during such an emotional time. Everything went exactly how you said it would. Thank you again.

John Eden Jr., Trenton, ON – June 2024

My Associate was excellent, thorough and professional. I would heartily recommend Peacehold’s service to anyone. The service was great value for the money. Also, the delivered material was complete, the explanation succinct, and it was very easy to follow. Give my Associate a raise! She deserves it!!!

Kerry Isbister, Vancouver, BC – June 2024

Your service was great. I was feeling lost with all the work I had to do, and your very prompt call changed everything. Your Associate made me feel that he was right there with me in my living room. He was so compassionate and understanding and went over everything at my pace. I had to leave on a trip, and he expedited the paperwork so I had everything signed and sent before I left. I can’t thank you enough. Why would anyone want to do this on their own when there is Peacehold?

I.J., Kincardine, ON – June 2024

Thank you to my Associate for the service that you provided. It made things so much easier.

Peter Oosterhuis, Oshawa, ON – June 2024

It really took a load off my mind when the time came and I’m glad I had this company to help me in any and all ways. Thank you so much for all your help.

Jeanine Locket, Smith Falls, ON – June 2024

This is the first time I have had to deal with the paperwork and myriad of details associated with the death of a loved one. While deeply grieving, being somewhat foggy headed and unfocused, as a result, the services of Peacehold have been nothing short of a lifesaver. I would have been overwhelmed and not known where to start. The Associate who helped me was gentle, patient, clear, professional, thorough and kind. I can’t thank her and Peacehold enough for organizing all the details, papers and contacts, and providing clear and concise details for me to follow. What a daunting weight lifted off my shoulders. I fully encourage families to utilize the services of Peacehold to relieve themselves of the time, anxiety and overwhelm of tackling all the paperwork and notifications surrounding the death of your loved one, and instead, focus your time on grieving and supporting each other. Thank you Peacehold and my Associate.

Robin Eecloo, Campbellford, ON – June 2024

Great support during our family’s difficult time. Service was fast and concise, including a copy of documents to keep and all documents with stamps/envelopes to be signed and mailed out.

Shengyun Zhan, Waterloo, ON – June 2024

The package you sent was perfect. You even put stamps on the envelopes. Who does that?

Christopher Bayliss, Trenton, ON – June 2024

My Associate was a very kind and caring person to talk to. If I couldn’t get a hold of her to ask questions, she always promptly phoned me back. The documents were easy to go through and sign, just as she said they would be. I would/did recommend this service to family and friends.

D.P., Shaunavon, SK – June 2024

Excellent service!!! My Associate was extremely helpful and efficient. It would have taken me months to accomplish when she did in days. Thank you so much.

Cynthia Fleming, Trenton, ON – June 2024

Great process. Really helped with all the paperwork. Lots of contacts needing to be notified that I didn’t think of. Very helpful.

Jane Girodat, Grand Bend, ON – June 2024

Great service … saved time, energy and money, but most of all, reduced stress in an already stressful situation.

Vicki-Lee Patricia Bisschop, England – June 2024

This entire process was made easier with my very well organized Peacehold folder. Step by step, envelope by envelope, it felt good to put them in the mail. My Associate was very sweet and answered all my questions. She is so nice.

Wanda Grose, Clive, AB – June 2024

Most people do not know what has to be done. Although they can find out, the process is time-consuming and expensive. Your assistance has simplified the process for us.

Ron Finlay, Guelph, ON – June 2024

My Associate was great from A – Z! She walked me through how everything worked and sent me my package right away. I would highly recommend their services!!

Douglas Mortensen, Surrey, BC – June 2024

I truly appreciate all the help during a very difficult time. My Associate made everything so easy and was so easy to chat with. 100% would tell anyone to use your company when navigating through everything that needs to be done after the passing of your loved one. Can’t thank you enough!

K.W., Dresden, ON – June 2024

My Associate was helpful during my time of sorrow of losing my grandma. I was surprised when my grandma appointed me to do this for her. It was helpful knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry as much all the while prepping the documents and letters. I want to just say thank you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Erica Caalaman, Richmond, BC – June 2024

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