We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Wonderful service! Kind, caring, compassionate employees. Thank you!

Riitta Campbell, South Porcupine ON – April 2021

I was pleased with this service and appreciated their compassionate manner. I am glad that I purchased this with my spouse for both of us. I am sure it will greatly help my son when my time comes.

Brenda Morrow, Creston BC – April 2021

The service was exceptional. My agent explained everything, and all documents were received in a timely fashion. This service saved us a lot of time. The explanation on the cover letter was very detailed and listed all other information that was to be included with the documents. I would recommend this service to others.

A.R., Hague SK – April 2021

I would like to thank you for all your help. You guys were really fantastic … thank you.

Gail Hayes, Georgetown ON – April 2021

My Associate was very helpful and made this process a lot easier. Great service. I recommend it to everyone.

Scott Luff, Belleville ON – April 2021

After talking to other friends, I appreciate your help more. It would be mind-boggling to do all these forms without this help. On behalf of me and my family, thanks.

A.R., Terra Cotta ON – April 2021

My representative was very professional and thorough. It was a pleasure to deal with him. Peacehold has made the difficult and complicated task of finalizing my mother’s estate so much easier. Thank you for your help.

S. M., Georgetown ON – April 2021

It would be difficult for Peacehold to be any more professional. My agent was fantastic and the organization of everything was superb. Thanks for everything.

Gary Cullen, London ON – April 2021

The whole process made the paperwork so much easier and working with a knowledgeable and professional woman eased the burden. Also noted was the incredible patience presented, so one did not sense any hurry or tension. The process was gone over step by step, and all questions answered succinctly. Am also pleased that I have a year should I need further instruction or have any questions.

Adrienne Muirhead, Greenwood NS – April 2021

I am very grateful that Just Cremation recommended your service through their website. I also greatly appreciate that I can continue to use the services of Peacehold for one year. Many new issues come up from time to time that Peacehold helps me with … thank you.

K.M., Abbotsford BC – April 2021

I was very pleased with your service. My Associate was very personable and helpful. I was very happy to see everything in the package all separated into each place that was needed to be sent to. That was a tremendous help. I thank you for doing all of this … it made my life a lot easier. If I hear of anyone planning their pre-paid funeral service, I will certainly tell them about your service. It took a lot of stress off of me.

Sandra Boyle, Canwood SK – April 2021

Service was great! As someone who hates doing paperwork, this made everything easy and straight forward. Loved the sticky notes showing me exactly where to sign.

Lisa Reid, Marmora ON – April 2021

First of all, I have never had to bury a loved one before so I had never known about Peacehold. Peacehold was excellent in every way. Without the professional and expert assistance from my agent, I can’t imagine muddling through this on my own! Having the letters, the stamped envelopes and addresses I didn’t have to look for was an amazing help. Such an organized folder. My agent was kind, patient, and professional and promptly answered my questions. I highly recommend Peacehold and it is absolutely worth every penny.

Jill Thomson, Ilderton ON – April 2021

I, as well as my sons, appreciated having Peacehold assist with all the notifications that must be done after my husband passed away. My Associate was so helpful, so easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. Everything I had to do with each form was laid out perfectly in the instruction document – so easy to follow, ticking things off as I went along. I have certainly made many friends aware of the service; we never know just when the services might be required. I was so glad one of my sons and I had done this together right after the funeral.

S.E., Kincardine ON – April 2021

Thank you to my agent!

C.K., Bruce Mines ON – April 2021

Your Associate was very understanding, and I was very pleased with the service provided … thank you.

B.S., Trenton ON – April 2021

During this difficult time, I found the assistance of Peacehold to be very comforting. It was helpful to know that all the details were taken care of. I would highly recommend your service in the future.

C.L., London ON – April 2021

This service was very helpful for me. There are always so many things to do and this really just gave me peace of mind. I’m sure I would have forgotten something otherwise.

Michele Hnatiak, Delta BC – April 2021

Was a great interaction at a tough time. It created order to a time of chaos.

Korry Frew, Georgetown ON – April 2021

Did a great job, very professional.

Archie Madill, Whitby ON – April 2021

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