We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

A valuable service provided at a difficult time with compassion, friendliness, and warmth. My agent was a gem.

Richard Little, Georgetown ON – November 2020

This service was very helpful. Took the stress out of filling and completing the forms. Pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable.

Darlene Pellett, Acton ON – November 2020

I was really glad we had Peacehold when my husband, Art passed away. I also have the plan for myself. We have only had to plan for 3 years. Everything was taken care from Outlook Funeral Home for cremation, etc. Peacehold was a great help to myself and my family. It made everything so easy it was totally amazing. Peacehold was a blessing … they were so compassionate, helpful, and everything was done in a timely manner. I would recommend anyone to have Peacehold. Thank you again … it has been a great experience.

Audrey Kelly, Delisle SK – November 2020

My Associate was very compassionate during this difficult time for my family. She guided me and explained things thoroughly. I had a better understanding and direction on how to settle my father’s estate. Thank you!

Sandra Krikorian, Markham ON – November 2020

I work for community living that has 30 people. This helped us out a lot, thanks.

J.V., Wallaceburg ON – November 2020

It would be nice if there was a representative that came to visit and went through everything with you face to face. Was good I had two of my children with me to help with all the questions and we had everything written down beforehand.

V.L., Battleford SK – November 2020

Very thorough and easy process. My agent made our lives so much easier supporting us.

Harvey Klager, St. Catharines ON – November 2020

This is the third time I have used Peacehold over the last 11-1/2 years. It takes the stress from you if you don’t have a computer. And the employee that helped me made it easy for me.

Pat Harper, London ON – November 2020

Expedient, professional and thorough. My agent was a pleasure to deal with.

Jim Campbell, London ON – November 2020

Outstanding service.

Anne Bourne, Waterloo ON – November 2020

Very professional and thorough>. My Associate was so kind and helpful.

George Segaert, Dresden ON – November 2020

Thank you very much.

E.S., Toronto ON – November 2020

This is the most amazing service I have ever had. From start to finish, my Associate was professional, thorough, compassionate, helpful and so much more. I cannot believe how many things she managed and did for me that I wouldn’t have even considered. And the package provided was amazing with all forms completed, letters written, and my Mom and I just had to sign. Also, the cover letter with instructions was so complete, easy to understand and made it so easy for me to go through. I don’t think I can ever express my gratitude and thanks for everything you have done.

Cathy Lamoureux, Glen Williams ON – November 2020

I have been very pleased with the service and my agent has been very helpful.

Dave Schmidt, Walkerton ON – November 2020

Although I have had family members die, this is the first time I do this as Executor of an estate for my husband. My first thought, when noted that this was part of the funeral home cost, was what?? Just an additional expense that I don’t need. Contact is done by phone; primary arrangement was made by the funeral home and no pressure was involved. It is made to one’s comfort level. My contact called, introduced herself and asked if this was still a good time. It was and we continued. At the end of this briefing and also during, she ensured many times if I needed clarification on anything or to go back over any of the questions. She advised that my package would be mailed, and I received a tracking number. I strongly recommend this service to anyone involved with a death. They are amazing and have saved me hours and days of phone calls, paperwork, and leg work. I am grateful, thank you.

L.S., Campbellford ON – November 2020

Westview Funeral Home suggested Peacehold. So grateful. Also grateful to my Associate for all her help. Outstanding service and worth every penny. Silly not to take the help from Peacehold. I would never have known all the forms, cover letters and documents to support applications nor where to send them. Peacehold even gives you envelopes with stamps and typed addresses and my return address. Simply awesome and takes the guesswork out of everything.

Anne Cronin, London ON – November 2020

My agent was very helpful with everything.

Grant Magee, Seguin ON – November 2020

Thank you Elephas Group and the employee that assisted me for seeing to our family responsibilities and easing our grief by easing the important tasks of finalizing details in our time of loss and sorrow.

Suzanne Jackson, Niagara Falls ON – November 2020

My Associate did an outstanding job on the work he did for me. I would recommend him to anybody for the peace of mind on assisting me with the necessary paperwork. Well done.

Michael McArthur, Moose Jaw SK – November 2020

Great service that made this process much easier to deal with at a time when there are numerous other things to think about.

Randy Drysdale, Burford ON – November 2020

Your service is invaluable. My agent is on the “A team”.

Paul Irwin, Campbellford ON – November 2020

My contact was very helpful and your organization is amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve used your services twice this year, BUT both times your company and employees were so incredibly beneficial!

Meaghan Farley, Georgetown ON – November 2020

An excellent service conducted by compassionate employees. Great value!

C.C., Perth ON – November 2020

Thank goodness my friend passed on your name/service. I could not imagine doing all this paperwork without help. I will recommend you whenever a friend/colleague could use your services.

Pauline Kuprenas, London ON – November 2020

Your Associate was outstanding. She was thorough, organized and everything happened in a timely fashion. She took the time to answer all my questions in a detailed and compassionate way. I would highly recommend your service. It saved me so much time and stress. Thank you so much.

Harry Lyons, Markham ON – November 2020

Thank you! As I said previously, “you are a gem”. This process was exceedingly helpful.

E.S., Burlington ON – November 2020

I found my agent to be very informative, and a delight to speak with. She was very detailed and repeated each piece of the information for accuracy. She is definitely an asset to your business.

Jim Nicholson, Oakville ON – November 2020

I very much appreciate the peace of mind your company has given me knowing that the necessary establishments/businesses and services have been notified. I found the package that was sent to me to be respectful, thorough and incredibly organized. It has made this task very easy and straight forward. I would say that your services have been indispensable.

Suzanne Siriska, Georgetown ON – November 2020

We found this service to be exceptional! It supports the family to complete the necessary paperwork at a very difficult time. Thank you and we would utilize your service in the future.

Peter Wall, London ON – November 2020

Your service is amazing … I have been telling everything about your service. My agent was fabulous, understanding, caring AND she got right back to me for her answers to my questions. In this day in age, that is remarkable. I cannot say enough about your great service, especially at this trying time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marlene Giesler, Mississauga ON – November 2020

Information and process was very easy to understand and follow. This service was very much appreciated.

H.B., Georgetown ON – November 2020

I would like to thank the employee that assisted me for making this process very smooth in this very difficult time.

C.D., Swift Current SK – November 2020

I was very impressed with the way your Associate explained this process to me … her professionalism, and her compassion. The package was beyond what I expected. It came in a timely fashion and was as accurate as the information I had provided. It saved me a lot of time, and a lot of stress. Thank you!

Dorraine Hayward, Humboldt SK – November 2020

My agent did an excellent job and made the process much easier for me. Thanks so much!

C.B., Oakville ON – November 2020

It was nice at this difficult time to have someone guide you through the process of closing accounts and sending proper documents to the necessary people. After a thorough conversation with my Associate, he took our information and guided us with the proper process through letters, envelopes, stamps and all the addresses to where and what to send. It was awesome. Thank you so much and I would recommend this service.

Penelope Eckensweiler, Port Elgin ON – November 2020

Thank you for providing a great service. It was a great help.

Frank Crane, Georgetown ON – November 2020

Everything was clear and concise. The employee that helped me was a very nice lady and was patient and always kind over the phone when I had to get a hold of her for information.

Janice Scott, Pitt Meadows BC – November 2020

I was very impressed at how I was treated by my agent. He was patient with me and his words were comforting while dealing with all the paperwork. He phoned to inform me when to expect the delivery of the envelope and how to deal with what was inside. When I opened the envelope with all the documents ready for my signature (by red arrows), my stress level went to zero. I knew all the documents were done in a knowledgeable and professional manner by him. I have spoken highly of your service.

P.O., Regina SK – November 2020

My agent is a definite asset to Peacehold. She was very professional and showed empathy for the loss of my mother. This service made dealing with phone calls and paperwork much easier in this trying, sad time.

S.J., Trenton ON – November 2020

I am glad we went with Peacehold through Westview Funeral Chapel. It made the process much easier. Thank you.

Philip Jr. Varughese, London ON – November 2020

I found this to be an excellent service for my family during a difficult time, thank you.

N.B., Georgetown ON – November 2020

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