We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Wonderful service and treatment. This was so helpful and stress reducing. I would highly recommend this company’s service to bereaved families.

B.O., Brighton ON – June 2019

To my agent; I appreciate all that you have done on my behalf. So much paperwork needs to be done at this time and I would not have managed alone, thank you.

M.B., Nanaimo BC – June 2019

I am so grateful to have had Peacehold assist my family and I during this difficult time. I was originally overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and forms etc. that had to be completed, but through the extensive work done by Peacehold I was able to complete it all quite easily.

K.T., Wallaceburg ON – June 2019

My agent was awesome. She helped us and we can’t thank her enough. It made dealing with our difficult time a lot easier dealing with all the paperwork.

Melanie Whitty, Wallaceburg ON – June 2019

I would just like to say my associate was very helpful after the recent passing of my husband. She was very knowledgeable and professional.

Hilda Wilson, Carrying Place ON – June 2019

My first time so completely unaware of the extensive documentation required. Your company was compassionate and helpful in this time of sorrow and stress. I would highly recommend this service.

Nadine Wilson, Prince Albert SK – June 2019

I have used Peacehold in January 2018 after the death of my husband. It was a far more complicated procedure than the present one for my daughter as she spent the last 2 years in long term care. I highly recommended you to another lady shortly after that she should use your services. She did and was very satisfied as well. Many thanks to my agent who was very patient and very helpful.

Rachel Everard, Georgetown ON – June 2019

We gave all info to the associate and received our package in 3 weeks. She was helpful and professional. The papers inside were so easy to complete and mail. A wonderful, thorough service that helped me immensely!

D.J., Winchester ON – June 2019

My associate called on the agreed upon date and she was patient and did not make me feel hurried in any way. All my questions were answered clearly. Following the conversation, I was able to contact her with any concerns I had. She also called a few weeks later to see how I was doing and did I have any questions or concerns. Her calm and professional manner went a long way to help me through this difficult time. I would consider her to be an asset to the company.

J.B., Wasaga ON – June 2019

Very organized and helpful. A wonderful service at a difficult time.

L.G., Marmora ON – June 2019

Thank you, a very thorough service which is welcome at this difficult time.

Marisa VanHaren, Ridgetown ON – June 2019

My Peacehold associate was so helpful and very easy to get a hold of. I will highly recommend this to anyone.

C.A., Georgetown ON – June 2019

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