We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

My agent offered her condolences and lead me through all the information she required from me to complete the necessary paperwork on my behalf. When the documents arrived, the paperwork and copy stating what papers I needed were easy to match up. The content had all the answers typed in that I have had given. Above and beyond little pink arrows pointed to the information I needed to fill in. The cover letter asked for the certificate, will, documents that were required. The envelopes were stamped and ready to mail. I have kept a copy of everything that was mailed and am at peace with this part of my journey. Thank you Peacehold for helping me at a time when I was very needy and broken.

Gwyneth Saunders, Belleville ON – January 2021

My Associate was very helpful and explained everything I needed to do. It was a very smooth process and greatly appreciated.

Roxanne Cooper, Smithville ON – January 2021

After my initial phone call I felt a significant weight was lifted off my sounders! Right from the beginning of the process, my intuition strongly suggested that one, they knew what they were doing and two, they were going to be very thorough. I was not disappointed. Thank you for your invaluable assistance. To my Associate … you are a treasure.

Ken Anderson, Kanata ON – January 2021

Peacehold took care of so many things I was unable to do at this time. All we had to do was sign the letters attached in our file once it arrived.

J.W., Campbellford ON – January 2021

The papers saved me time and took away a lot of the pressure I was feeling during this mourning period.

Nancy Fernandes, Georgetown ON – January 2021

Our Associate was very friendly, professional, compassionate and made everything easy to understand. Thank you for providing this valuable service at this trying time. The complete and detailed direction made things so much easier and saved so much time for us. Thank you again.

Mary Dickert, Walkerton ON – January 2021

Your service is very thorough and have made this transition much easier. It was like a boulder was lifted off my shoulders, not to have to worry about all the paperwork. Thank you so much for your services.

Linda Angeline, Trenton ON – January 2021

Called and was talked through the process. Letters written, just had to sign and mail. Was given 1-year option, if required.

Cathy Cardinell, Hamilton ON – January 2021

I cannot thank you enough. During this time, my mind was just swimming. This was a god send. Although hard, you made it seem a little better. Please do not stop this. It is a valuable service!

Michael Patrick, Chatham ON – January 2021

Everyone that I spoke with during this time of sadness were so kind and understanding. I appreciate everything you did for me … you took care of things that one doesn’t even think about. You were there for me when I needed you no matter how many phone calls I made with lots of patience. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who was involved. My agent was a saviour.

Christine Carey, Cambridge ON – January 2021

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