We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Our Peacehold Associate was very thorough in our phone interview. He explained the procedure well. I used this service for my Mom in 2014 and it was extremely helpful. The program saves a lot of time for working through the process.

Bobbi Smuck, Arva ON – May 2020

Just wanted to say thank you. You saved us a lot of time and legwork. Some things I wouldn’t have even thought to contact. I would highly recommend this service.

L.W., Elliott Lake ON – May 2020

The Peacehold service package helped me tremendously. I was so impressed I have recommended it to several friends. My contact with my agent could not have been better. Not only was she helpful, personable and knowledgeable, but she gave me several suggestions to deal with my grief. Thank you ALL for your help and service.

Jeanette Rondeau, Hamilton ON – May 2020

My Associate was awesome! She was so helpful and kind!

Carolyn Wybouw, Waterford ON – May 2020

I was so impressed with the package I received. Every letter was marked for my signature and date. Each category was clipped together with a stamped envelope. There was a covering letter telling me exactly what to enclose with the letter and telling me to sign the letter. This all made things so much easier for me. I thank you.

J.F., Hamilton ON – May 2020

Thank you for all the help I received while handling my husband’s death. It was a relief to know that everything was looked after.

Linda Krupski, White City SK – May 2020

Thanks for all the help! You are very pleasant, patient, and helpful. Thanks a million.

B.W., Campbellford ON – May 2020

I found my agent very helpful whenever I asked her questions.

Anne St. Pierre, Port Lambton ON – May 2020

My Associate’s work could not possibly have been better.

Ross Karlson, London ON – May 2020

Thank you for your help. This gave me comfort knowing all this paperwork is done.

C.H., London ON – May 2020

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use this service. I really would have been lost without your expertise. You certainly cross your “T’s” and dotted all the “I’s”. I would recommend this system to anyone that just lost a loved one. It was so very helpful and well put together. Thank you again for the support you gave me to make my life easier at this stressful time.

Ruth Beckenhauer, Georgetown ON – May 2020

At first, I was reluctant to use this service. Then I learned after going through many of Dad’s documents that he had bought this policy. I had done some of the work and then my agent called to setup a phone meeting outlining what information I should have on hand. My agent was very easy to talk to and helpful when I had questions. The package came with full instructions, which was easy to follow. Having documents ready for signature, each section paperclipped, all envelopes with addresses, return addresses and also stamped. This was so cool. Thank you very much to my agent, and Peacehold.

Victor Falk, Dundurn SK – May 2020

My agent was great. Feeling like things would be overwhelming in this process was my original anticipation. After experiencing this process, I’ve found that my anxiety was unfounded. This document assistance service has been such a relief to all the stresses.

N.D., Mission BC – May 2020

This is a great service. It made it very easy for me to deal with everything that was in my mother’s wallet. I am so happy that my mother made these arrangements and paid for this service prior to her death. I will do the same for my son.

Rebecca Wenta, Maple Ridge BC – May 2020

A special thank you to my Associate and Peacehold. Your guidance and assistance with the preparation of all relevant estate documents was a tremendous help and an easy time saver. Very professional package.

William Thorne, Trenton ON – May 2020

The employee that helped me was very thorough in explaining everything on a phone conference with my daughter and I. I followed the instructions as laid out and checked each off after I finished them. I would not have known where to start or who to contact on my own!

G.D., Trenton ON – May 2020

Thank you so much. This made my life so much easier in this time of my Dad passing away with this virus. Thank you so much.

Michelyn Lambier, Emeryville ON – May 2020

When we purchased Peacehold in 2012, we felt it would benefit whoever was left behind, but didn’t realize that we’d need this so early in our lives. My husband passed away early April 2020 from his rare cancer, Thymoma. When I was accompanied by my sister and brother in law to make arrangements, I was impressed that Peacehold had everything in place. It’s been close to a month since his passing … knowing the documents were administered in trusting hands made me fee safe and secure in knowing his paperwork will be complete.

Lorna Duchesneau, Slave Lake AB – May 2020

Peacehold Estate Documentation with identity theft protection is an excellent professional and knowledgeable service. I would highly recommend it to others in this situation. I have experienced professionalism, sincere compassion and dignity. I would like to say a special thank-you to my agent for being an amazing guiding light through these challenging times. Thank you very much from my heart.

Robin Wilson, Trenton ON – May 2020

This was our first time having to do this and we appreciate that you helped us to take care of many things we would not have known we had to do.

Lori Haywood, London ON – May 2020

Peacehold’s Associate was extremely compassionate and authentic. Her calm and confident voice made this process a little more bearable during this difficult time. Her ability to answer questions accurately and to quickly and efficiently deliver all completed estate documents ready to be signed and mailed was exceptional.

Mike, Georgetown ON – May 2020

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