At Peacehold, we understand the importance of testimonials, and we want to share with you why they matter. Testimonials are like shining stars that guide you towards making the right decisions. They are real stories from people who have experienced our estate administration documentation services firsthand. By reading testimonials, you can hear about the positive experiences of others and gain confidence in our expertise and dedication. These heartfelt words serve as proof that we deliver on our promises and provide exceptional support to executors and estate administrators. So, don’t just take our word for it – let our testimonials speak for themselves and see why Peacehold Inc is the trusted choice for your estate administration needs.


I would like to say how much easier the service made the next chapter of my life after losing the love of my life for 46 years. My Peacehold Associate was absolutely phenomenal with everything she has done for me. Definitely a pleasure to deal with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

D. M., Windsor, ON – September 2023

I would like to take a moment to thank my Peacehold Associate for all that she did for me. She took away a lot of the pressure and concern involved in all of the paperwork. I know that I couldn’t have done it without her help. Thanks again.

Grant Dymock, Wallaceburg, ON – September 2023

I was very happy with the service and would use it again, and tell a friend.

B.S., Langley, BC – September 2023

Very helpful!

Kenneth Dyck, Caronport, SK – September 2023

This service is invaluable! Although my experience was fairly straightforward and without complication, it was very helpful to have assistance to navigate the estate documents. Thanks to my Peacehold Associate the experience was painless! I will definitely recommend this service. Thanks again.

Karen Lawson, Trenton, ON – September 2023

I was pleased with all of the documents and forms that were enclosed along with the covering letters for me to sign, and the stamped return envelopes. Things I would not have thought of. I have talked to friends about this service and I have recommended that they use it in their time of need. Thanks again.

Marg Thornicroft, London, ON – September 2023

My Peacehold Associate is amazing! Thanks for the amazing customer service and professionalism. Thank you!

Nicki Helmkay, Durham, ON – September 2023

I could not be more pleased. The service made my life so much easier than it otherwise would have been. Thank you so much.

James Rogers, Cargill, ON – September 2023

Everything was efficiently handled with the assistance of my Peacehold Associate. This service is very worthwhile for someone who is busy working full time and having to handle the documentation.

Noreen Olliver, Stratford, ON – September 2023

My Peacehold Associate was compassionate and incredibly thorough. I hadn’t thought about this kind of service before, but will be signing up for myself and my spouse.

A. C., Ottawa, ON – September 2023

It was a pleasure to work with my Peacehold Associate who provided all of the documents and information needed. Thank you very much for all of your help. Great service and great staff!

V. F., Coquitlam, BC – September 2023

Your work is truly amazing. Recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Graham Pointer, Sparwood, BC – September 2023

Well done. Thanks again.

Harold Turvey, Lloydminster, SK – September 2023

My mother pre-arranged the service prior to her passing and it has been a relief to lift the burden and heaviness of paperwork at this time. Special thanks to my Peacehold Associate.

S. L., London, ON – September 2023

This service was invaluable to me and my family. My Peacehold Associate has assisted me through the process for both of my late parents. She is professional, and shows an abundance of kindness and empathy. I am grateful beyond words to her and your team.

D. M., Bowmanville, ON – September 2023

My Peacehold Associate was excellent, compassionate and knowledgeable, very appreciated as the paperwork and time invested is quite substantial.

D. M., Courtenay, BC – September 2023

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