We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.

Thank you to my agent for your assistance at this stressful time. My concern was always that I would go before Mom simply for the fear that I would be at a total loss. You made it so easy to manage.

Janet Marlatt, Chatham ON – August 2020

I found everything done very thoroughly … what a great organization. Very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone.

Bruce Bester, Walkerton ON – August 2020

I found Peacehold to be very compassionate in my time of grief. The package was so helpful and took all the stress away. I thank the employee that helped me with all of the help that she gave during the process.

Anthony Prestwich, London ON – August 2020

I have recommended your service to several people.

L.C., London ON – August 2020

This service if needed is fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone. I will certainly mention it to people.

Linda Buckley, Georgetown ON – August 2020

Was pleased for someone to look after all the letter preparation and to determine the documents required in each case.

D.V., Vernon BC – August 2020

I very much appreciated having the proper forms delivered to me. The information was neat, clean, precise, detailed and I found the process much less daunting than my thoughts had created. I could absolutely see the benefit for my executors/children once I pass. I did not realize that some requirements/documents were “time sensitive” so, while I was told by my family to “do it when you are ready”, I now see I could have started the document process almost immediately. Perhaps a “prompt” to start the process of requesting your service early and to note which documents are “more time sensitive” and thus “urgent” to attend to first (upon receiving the completed documents); large green sticker(?) would have got me completing signatures and gathering documents days sooner.

C.H., St. Albert AB – August 2020

We feel you did a wonderful job and if we hear of anyone, we will tell them about you.

Phillip Parrington, Waterford ON – August 2020

My neighbours have already made an appointment to sign on.

D.K., London ON – August 2020

Special thanks to my agent; she answered all of my questions and took a big burden off me. It is so nice knowing that people like you exist and take care of all necessary things. My friend will be so lucky to have your help.

Gordana Cota, Oakville ON – August 2020

Excellent process that helps alleviate the burden of being an executor. Highly recommended. My Associate was very helpful, clear and concise in her explanation. A pleasure to deal with.

G.S., Georgetown ON – August 2020

I have been telling others what a wonderful service you provide. I was surprised and grateful for the extent of the package you supplied.

Graham Payne, Georgetown ON – August 2020

The Peacehold service was most helpful in finishing all the final paperwork for my brother-in-law’s estate. It took away the worrying to finish the necessary documents.

Gary Bonn, Waterville NS – August 2020

Professional and timely service, thanks!

P.M., Thornbury ON – August 2020

Our family is very pleased with this service, which was provided and available through the funeral provider. We will certainly recommend your service and use again, if needed. Our representative addressed all of our pending estate requirements for settlement. The number of notifications certainly would be extremely overwhelming, if we had processed them by ourselves. Could not be more pleased.

Linda Nuttall, London ON – August 2020

Thank you so much for this package and the dealing of Cameron Funeral Home in Walkerton … this has been very helpful in getting all the necessary things done at one time. This is very straight forward and I’m grateful for the guidance that the employee offered over the phone in answering my questions. Your package is very valuable and informative at this time of loss of a loved one. Yours restfully.

D.A., Walkerton ON – August 2020

I thought that this package was very well laid out. Unfortunately, because there was an investigation into eligibility after my Mom’s death, I had already taken care of a fair amount. I could see how it would be even more helpful sooner after someone’s passing. Regardless, my agent was super helpful and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. I would also recommend the service to others.

K.R., Courtenay BC – August 2020

To my agent, I had no idea of all the notifications that are necessary in the event of a spouse’s death. I’m very grateful for the help and knowledge you provided. You made the process so much easier.

H.S., Quesnel BC – August 2020

I was very pleased with how efficient the process was. My Associate was both compassionate and knowledgeable. I must admit, I was a little skeptical that the process would be “so effortless” as described by the funeral home. I found that to absolutely be the case and the fact there is support for a whole year after my step-mother’s death is comforting. I told my husband when we go to prepay for our funeral arrangements that we definitely need to have this included after seeing how efficient it is. I want my children to have the ease of dealing with situations like this when my husband or I pass. Immense thank you!

Catherine Sullivan, Trenton ON – August 2020

I would like to personally thank the employee that helped me for the service she provided. Our experience with Peacehold was excellent. The employee was very professional and detailed. When I received the package, everything was laid out and easy to follow. She did follow-up on her own accord both by phone and email and was very reassuring that if there were any further questions, I do not hesitate to call her. Her professionalism on every level was much appreciated.

Bonnie, Surrey BC – August 2020

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