We have countless testimonials from families across the country, and even some from funeral directors who have recommended our services.


Thank you so much to my Peacehold Associate. You helped to soften a very hard time.

L. B., Simcoe, ON – March 2023

My Peacehold Associate was excellent. Very thorough while also being compassionate. Thank you for your service during a difficult time.

Brad Haycox, St. Catharines, ON – March 2023

My Peacehold Associate was exceptional at helping me at a time when help is really needed. I was hesitant at first but after going through the process I feel relieved. Thank you!

Greg Martell, Puslinch, ON – March 2023

This is the second time I have used the Peacehold service. The first time was after my spouse passed several months ago, my Peacehold Associate did an excellent job. This time my mother passed and again my Associate has done an excellent job. A big shout out to my Peacehold Associate and Peacehold on behalf of myself and my family.

Edward Paterson, Georgetown, ON – March 2023

At first, we were unsure of the service. Our experience was excellent. A very professional, clear, concise means of communication by phone, e-mail and mail. We were kept up to date on progress and not marketed. There is no doubt Peacehold’s service completely removed anxiety and administrative burden on a devastated and grieving family.

S. H., Trenton, ON – March 2023

Peacehold was a godsend for me to complete everything regarding my mother’s passing. I would never have thought of notifying Elections Ontario or the charities mom contributed to about her passing. All the work my Peacehold Associate did was most useful. Once again, thank you, Peacehold, your assistance was most appreciated.

I. H., Delaware, ON – March 2023

This has been a fantastic service. Thank you and the list of what was needed for each item was great, and the addressed envelopes were fantastic.

Phyllis Smythe, Tiverton, ON – March 2023

I’m very happy with your service and understanding during this difficult time. Thank you.

Carol Henry, Tiverton, ON – March 2023

Honestly, when my husband and I signed up for this service, we both felt we had actually made a bad move – but then my brother-in-law signed into it as well. When he passed away one and a half years ago, we discovered it was not a mistake. Your Associates showed so much compassion and expertise. The procedures and forms completed by Peacehold and forwarded for addition of signatures and inserting Proof of Death and/or Wills and mailing was superb. And now, I have experienced the process for the second time, and I just cannot believe how after the information of the deceased individual is verbally commuted leads to fully complete forms and documents. The process is far from a “trying” experience after losing my loved one. Thank you all at Peacehold!

Kathryn Robins, Fenwick, ON – March 2023

My Peacehold Associate communicated everything extremely well. She took her time and was very thorough. I was very impressed with the service provided as I did not have a clue where to start. Feeling overwhelmed with everything that had happened, having this service was invaluable and took much stress from me. Thank you.

Lynn Millar, Georgetown, ON – March 2023

I was grateful for this service. It made the final notifications to Government and other agencies simple and easy!

T. A., Moose Jaw, SK – March 2023

Super helpful! My Peacehold Associate was very thorough. Most of us usually are in the position of being Executor once in a lifetime. So it is very overwhelming, especially in the time of grief. Again, thank you very much for making this part of the process very easy.

Diane Leferink, Milton, ON – March 2023

A big help. Dealing with all the forms and attachments is or was frustrating by itself. If this were to be tasked without the assistance, it would likely cause a change in the air colour – blue.

V. S., Warner, AB – March 2023

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