At Peacehold, we understand the importance of testimonials, and we want to share with you why they matter. Testimonials are like shining stars that guide you towards making the right decisions. They are real stories from people who have experienced our estate administration documentation services firsthand. By reading testimonials, you can hear about the positive experiences of others and gain confidence in our expertise and dedication. These heartfelt words serve as proof that we deliver on our promises and provide exceptional support to executors and estate administrators. So, don’t just take our word for it – let our testimonials speak for themselves and see why Peacehold Inc is the trusted choice for your estate administration needs.


Thanks for everything!

Tracy Scott, Walkerton, ON – February 2024

My Peacehold Associate was easy to understand and very thorough.

P. T., Hastings, ON – February 2024

My wife and I are in our 90s and would like to use your service when needed. It would be such help for the survivors, our children. It has been such a help for us and so well done. Thank you again.

John Luscombe, Belleville, ON – February 2024

I truly appreciate the service you have provided for both my brother and my dad. My Peacehold Associate made the process easy to understand, he was also very kind and compassionate.

Barb Myers, Trenton, ON – February 2024

Very good thorough service. Your detailed report and forms saved us many hours of work. Thank you.

Allen Nichols, Kitchener, ON – February 2024

This service is a blessing to families after losing a loved one. It definitely takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done after the fact. Thank you. Thank you to my Peacehold Associate for your compassion.

Brenda Dalby, Simcoe, ON – February 2024

Very well designed paperwork. Excellent communication.

Rod Graham, Calgary, AB – February 2024

I was extremely pleased with your service.

G. B., Prince George, BC – February 2024

This is a wonderful service, it saved me time looking up information which I wouldn’t have known because of being in a different province. This was wonderful.

Muriel Hill, Saskatoon, SK – February 2024

My Peacehold Associate was very thorough in regards to the information needed for our phone conversation. She was pleasant and very helpful to deal with. The funeral home I dealt with had an after care program so most of the work had been taken care of. However there were a few items that my Associate added that I greatly appreciated. Your service was top notch. Thank you.

Ron Pancerny, Tecumseh, ON – February 2024

Thank you so much. Your system is pretty much perfect, with kind people and no confusion on what goes where on the forms. Appreciate you sincerely.

Wendy Radcliffe, Walkerton, ON – February 2024

My Peacehold Associate was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and empathetic. My husband and I were grateful for Peacehold’s thoroughness. While extremely saddened by my friend’s passing, I was not paralyzed with grief; I know some people are at the time of unexpected death. It would be very difficult to navigate all that needs to be done so I feel Peacehold would be invaluable for people in this situation. Thank you so much!

Cindy Boughen, Newmarket, ON – February 2024

This is a wonderful service. I will be recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks so much.

Judy Brown, Yale, BC – February 2024

Excellent service and communication from my Peacehold Associate. She is caring and compassionate which made this process easier.

L. B., Campbellford, ON – February 2024

Thank you for your kindness and thoroughness during this difficult process. You helped make our experience easy and straight forward.

Beth Smith, Warkworth, ON – February 2024

A huge relief to have all the paperwork done, envelopes stamped and letters needing nothing except my signature. Great thanks.

K. K., Nanoose Bay, BC – February 2024

My Peacehold Associate was very professional and knowledgeable about everything that had to be looked after. The package I received was well organized and had easy to follow instructions. Peacehold made the process so much easier. Thank you.

J. T., Corunna, ON – February 2024

Package was very detailed and organized. I liked that copies were provided. Great service!! Highly recommended.

M. A., Erin, ON – February 2024

This was an incredibly helpful service. My Peacehold Associate was fantastic at communicating and being thorough. I’m so glad we chose to use this service as it has saved me a considerable amount of time with my role as an executor. Thank you!

Lindsey Walshe, Richmond, BC – February 2024

My Peacehold Associate could not have been better, 100%. This process could be renamed to “Estate Documentation for Dummies”! You made it so easy and simple. Thank you again.

Rose Beeby, Batawa, ON – February 2024

My Associate was very compassionate, very helpful and understanding. His instructions were so easy to follow and it made it so much more comfortable to deal with these affairs at this time.

Beverly Neil, London, ON – February 2024

I was very pleased with the program. I would recommend Peacehold to others. Associates were very kind and thoughtful. Took a lot of stress off in the sad time.

Steven Crowe, Frankford, ON – February 2024

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