I found the quick response via email very helpful. I also liked the added comments/suggestions on the instructions, i.e. other things to consider that Peacehold was unable to help with like auto ownership and insurance. My agent was very helpful and patient.

J.M., Campbellford ON – September 2021

My Associate was very compassionate and thorough when speaking with us. Any inquiries were answered promptly via phone and email. We really appreciate it.

Fred Breton, Wallaceburg ON – September 2021

Very much appreciate the guidance and support from Peacehold during this difficult time and thank my representative for her compassion throughout. My mind is at ease knowing that all the applicable forms were duly and correctly completed by you. I am definitely a satisfied client of Peacehold and recommend your program highly.

D.A., London ON – September 2021

Great service and thanks to my agent! He was wonderful to deal with.

E.B, Brandon MB – September 2021

My agent was fantastic. Very patient and understanding. The process of filling in forms was very easy and information was very clear.

Catherine Kennedy, Wallaceburg ON – September 2021

Associate was excellent. Fantastic service during a difficult time.

Deborah Blanchard, Georgetown ON – September 2021

Thank you for the excellent service you provided. Everything was done in a timely, professional manner. I was pleasantly surprised when you even included stamped envelopes. You were very patient and understanding when collecting information from me.

Arnold Ellis, Brampton ON – September 2021

My Associate was a pleasure to work with. She was knowledgeable and provided excellent direction and advice during this challenging time.

Christopher Power, Innisfil ON – September 2021

This was a unique experience for me, as well as all others in this position. It was easy to call one person and have all the documents handled to get things under control. I learned that a thorough list of all items beyond government required is important as well. Everything went well and a personal thank you to my agent for your guidance and follow-up with me.

Reginald Turner, Catharines ON – September 2021

My representative was efficient and wonderful to deal with. Thank you for all of your assistance.

Beverley Palfrey, Fairmont Hot Springs BC – September 2021

Thank you very much for your excellent, very thorough service. My Associate was very compassionate, knowledgeable, patient and through and she gave me great confidence throughout this complex and important process. I commend the Thompson Mott Funeral Home for recommending and providing your services.

Dave Nicolle, Wilsonville ON – September 2021

Initially I was a little concerned at the time to get the documents, but it came within just less than 3 weeks. All appears very thorough, and it really was a great help during a difficult time. My agent was great. Very helpful. I would recommend this service.

Karen Vettese, Langley BC – September 2021

My Associate provided wonderful service. She is kind and caring and made life much simpler.

H.M., Surrey BC – September 2021

My representative phoned back to follow-up after I received my documents. I was not available, but she left a compassionate and helpful message.

J.S., Walkerton ON – September 2021

My agent was fantastic. Very patient and understanding. The process of filling in forms was very easy and information was very clear.

Cathy Kennedy, Wallaceburg ON – September 2021

Oh my goodness! It was great to have a sympathetic voice talking me through the whole process. I now have a peace of mind within the month of my Mom’s passing that everything has been looked after and canceled. I can now take this next week and grieve without feeling that I have forgotten something. I really appreciated that my agent had the envelopes addressed, stamped and cover letters were all ready for signature. Really appreciated the step-by-step instructions for each envelope. I highly suggest this service after a loved one has passed, thank you.

B.D., Ilderton ON – September 2021

We are satisfied with your service and relieved that such a service is available. We will let others know of your service. Our agent has looked after us.

D.M., Tappen BC – September 2021

Thank you for making this process so much easier. I can’t imagine having to keep organized and getting through all of this paperwork without the fantastic help of this program.

F.F., Waterford ON – September 2021

I would just like to mention that my agent was very pleasant and compassionate when talking with her. She explained how everything would work and what we would need to do. She made the process very easy for us, especially since we have never had to do this before. Keep up the great work!

K.K., Simcoe ON – September 2021

My Associate was very nice to work with. She helped a lot.

John Lyons, Trenton ON – September 2021

Associate very thorough and patient with me. Made me feel comfortable while dealing with my loss.

Steve Myronyk, Georgetown ON – September 2021

My representative was very patient and helpful.

R.M., Trenton ON – September 2021

My Associate was just the kindest and most proficient worker. It is a great help during the harsh reality of a loved one’s passing. I always felt comfortable to ask her for her help in managing the paperwork. She was just wonderful and has some very special qualities that helps her stressed clients feel at ease and calm.

Maggie MacLean, Chemainus BC – September 2021

Everyone going through the passing of a loved one should know about your service. It is like a “miracle”: one needs when the brain is completely foggy due to the situation. Thanks to your service and professionalism, I was able to complete all the papers within less than two weeks (I worked hard at getting it done, too) and I could feel relief and satisfaction of a job well done. My agent represents the guardian angel who guided me through with her excellence and compassion. I hope she gets to know how much I have appreciated her and her help. So huge thanks to Peacehold and my agent.

M.B., Delta BC – September 2021

Very thorough. My Associate was very compassionate and helpful.

T.W., Sebright ON – September 2021

Very happy with the service received from the staff. Someone who was thrown into a situation … they made it a little easier to deal with more important things.

T.S., Oshawa ON – September 2021

My representative was very helpful and thorough in all our documentation and the process as a whole.

Kris Barber, Whitby ON – September 2021

My Associate was a tremendous help during this difficult time. He was very compassionate and understanding. It was wonderful to have someone very knowledgeable of the processes required.

Deborah Holman, Ridgeway ON – September 2021

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