For someone who is going through this process for the first time, the service was very reassuring and valuable during a very upsetting time. Everything was very clear and simplified. I would recommend it to everyone who is in this position.

C.D., Guelph ON – September 2022

Thank you for your support during this tough time.

T.R., Delta BC – September 2022

Excellent service. I would have been lost if this service wasn’t provided. Special shout out to my agent for taking time to understand my questions and providing the support and caring I required to complete the process. Thank you!

C.L., Holland Landing ON – September 2022

Very informative and helpful during the most difficult time in our lives. Would recommend this service to anyone who has lost a loved one.

Laurie Palmer, Belleville ON – September 2022

Well organized, efficient, kind, answered all questions, user-friendly, definitely would recommend.

Robert Peddie, Milton ON – September 2022

Very professional. Good service.

Morris Forsberg, Timmins ON – September 2022

My Associate was incredible! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what the Peacehold service was all about. I figured that I’d be given a list of websites where I’d go to download and complete all necessary forms. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when my Associate explained that all forms would be mailed to me with tabs to indicate where signature/date were required. The self-addressed/stamped envelopes along with a complete copy of all documents for my files was invaluable. The bonus is that I can call back with questions up to a year … wow!

Finn Housdon, Georgetown ON – September 2022

Thank you very much. Your service was very helpful.

Paul Pearce, Kincardine ON – September 2022

The cover letter was clear and easy to follow. Packages received had pre-stamped envelopes with fixed labelled addresses that made sending documents simple. The detail and care put into the package was above and beyond my expectations. My representative was compassionate and had exceptional customer service.

Joy Cadger, Georgetown ON – September 2022

Thank you to my agent for all your help and condolences.

Bonnie Lichty, Guelph ON – September 2022

The service you have provided has made this difficult time in our lives a bit easier. You were thorough and compassionate in all areas and gave me peace of mind knowing I had help in filling these documents out in a correct and timely fashion. I cannot thank you enough for your service!

Joe Grasley, Wawa ON – September 2022

Using Peacehold was extremely easy to follow. The documents with letters and copies to the appropriate agencies to deal with our mother’s affairs were all provided. It certainly alleviated confusion. The package was well done.

Lynn Ulch, Port Lambton ON – September 2022

Wonderful service. My Associate was a pleasure to work with. In a very difficult time, Peacehold provided everything I needed with clear instructions. I appreciated this service tremendously and would recommend.

Danielle Bertrand, Calgary AB – September 2022

My agent was very helpful and patient. I had no idea such a service existed, and it took a huge load off of the family’s shoulders. I would recommend you. Caution to families to hold off on canceling drivers license until car ownership has been transferred as we have had an issue with renewing plates because MTO records show the owner is deceased.

M.G., Georgetown ON – September 2022

To my representative, I appreciated your patience, kindness and understanding when we had the telephone conference while we waited for everyone to phone in. You made me feel as if I had known you for a long time.

A.M, Palmerston ON – September 2022

This service was amazing … thank you.
G.Y., Brampton ON – September 2022

I was very happy and satisfied with this service. I had no idea what to expect and I am so happy to have had all the help at this difficult time. I will recommend it to others for sure.

Christine Zilio, Georgetown ON – September 2022

I very greatly appreciated all the help my agent did. The service provided by Peacehold is super!

Ian Lowe, Warkworth ON – September 2022

Excellent service, above and beyond. Thank you for making a difficult time more manageable.

David Sunnucks, Trenton ON – September 2022

My agent was wonderful, compassionate and made me feel comfortable enough to make me laugh. Great service … takes away all the worries and feelings of drowning in paperwork.

Heather Hill, Thorndale ON – September 2022

Your service made a very difficult time much easier. It helped us navigate through all the paperwork quickly and easily. I wouldn’t have known how to navigate through all the paperwork without your help.

A.S., Trenton ON – September 2022

I am so thankful for Peacehold … it was a blessing. As an only child, the responsibility was mine alone and your service made all I had to deal with stress free. I wish it had been available 15 years ago when my father died, so I know how difficult the process is to notify every office involved.

Shirley Lalonde, Wallaceburg ON – September 2022

Peacehold simplified everything for me during this difficult time. I am very grateful for your service.

A.V., Georgetown ON – September 2022

Your service is great! My Associate was wonderful and helpful.

S.L., Georgetown ON – September 2022

We are very satisfied with everything that you had provided. Very good communication for us. Once again, thank you very much.

Brenda Borland & Kelly Wiggins, Canobie NB – September 2022

I would just like to say that I was extremely happy with the service provided. I initially opted out of this as I understood that the funeral home was providing this service (for a cost), only to realize that Peacehold is much more comprehensive/thorough.

Debby McCabe, Bowmanville ON – September 2022

This service is worth the money, especially when grieving. I highly recommend your services provided.

Deborah Hettick, Hanover ON – September 2022

Very, very pleased. Thank you so much.

Gerald Guillemette, North Bay ON – September 2022

This was a great help to me at such a trying and busy time. My Associate was patient, friendly and very helpful to me on the phone and via mail. I appreciated her help so much. I certainly benefited from Peacehold and thank you sincerely.

F.C., Belleville ON – September 2022

Your service was recommended to us by a neighbour several years ago. I am so happy we subscribed, as this would have been so much more difficult without you. Our representative was supportive throughout the process and so very empathetic on the loss of my wife. Thank you so much for everything and please know that I would give my full recommendation for your service.

Daniel Trainor, Vernon BC – September 2022

Going through dealing with a loved one’s illness leading to death is tiring and extremely stressful. I was absolutely dreading the thought of all the paperwork that had to be done. Peacehold sent pre-filled paperwork with the information from our phone call. Everything that had to be signed or filled in was marked with a sticky arrow, and the instruction sheet was amazingly easy to follow. Honestly, 10/10.

Diane Deegan, Quinte West ON – September 2022

Would highly recommend Peacehold.

William Ellis, Campbellford ON – September 2022

Couldn’t imagine how an executor could be without the help of Peacehold and our agent! Funny enough, I wasn’t aware Peacehold was included in my funeral expenses – what a great find!

Shawn Lowe, Mississauga ON – September 2022

When my husband died 3 months ago, I was devastated. Before long there was a mountain of paperwork to deal with to change ownership. Then someone mentioned Peacehold which was a lifesaver for me. Without Peacehold, I would still be working on everything.

Dorothy Antonette, Kincardine ON – September 2022

This was an extremely difficult time for myself and my family. Right from our initial phone conversation with our agent, we felt at ease. The package sent was so easy to follow and allowed us to complete the necessary documents appropriately. Our agent was always a phone call away to help with any questions we had. We can’t thank Peacehold, specifically our agent, enough for their help and support during this very tough and emotional time. We’re so happy that we have this service for a year just in case something else comes up.

Linda & Katrina Brown, London ON – September 2022

My Associate was very nice and helpful.

R.V., Wallaceburg ON – September 2022

I cannot remember the lady’s name I spoke with, but she was very kind and understanding and most of all patient with me as at times I could hardly talk. She guided me through the call. This young lady is a keeper! Having all this done for me was a “gift”. At a time when I could hardly speak or focus, it was organized and done for me. I only had to sign and mail. So, I think this service is an invaluable one which makes a sad, confusing time manageable.

Dale Stevenson, Georgetown ON – September 2022

Thank you Peacehold for your help in providing your services after the passing of our loved one. Your estate documentation administration program proved to be very helpful and cut down on a lot of frustration and time. Thank you to our agent for her help. She was very kind and helpful and answered all of our questions. The package we received from her was clear and well put together. We “hope” we never have to use your service again, but if the circumstances arise, we will not hesitate to use your service for future loved ones.

J.B., Acton ON – September 2022

Even if I had done this before, I would use your service. For me, it was the first time in this situation, and I had no idea where to start. Your service and my agent were a godsend.

M.M., London ON – September 2022

Excellent service. Made things much easier!

H.S., Walkerton ON – September 2022

My Associate was extremely caring, and it was clear to me I had her full attention. I appreciated the time I needed to pause, breath and compose myself during our call. This service was outstanding, and I truly appreciated the support and knowing things were done properly. Thank you again for demonstrating such care, compassion and patience. Keep up the great work! You are good at what you do!

Ian Carter, Toronto ON – September 2022

My son and I found talking on the phone to our agent so helpful and informative. Easy to talk to. The package we received was well organized, and easy to put together to mail out. Thank you so much. It really helped us a lot. We appreciated all her help at this time of our loss.

Irene Wagner, Campbellford ON – September 2022

Thank you so much for helping me to get through this trying time. I thank my agent for being very helpful and easy to understand with what I’ll have to do concerning all the paperwork.

M.F., Hastings ON – September 2022

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