I am so pleased to use Peacehold during the most devastating time of my life. As a relatively new immigrant to Canada (5 years), when I lost my husband, I had no idea about the paperwork in Canada. With patience and understanding, my agent helped me through this highly stressful and challenging time.

Mahsa Naghibzade, Amherstview ON – June 2022

My Associate was very helpful. Please thank her … I greatly appreciated her help.

Francis Bessette, Woodbridge ON – June 2022

We thought this was awesome. this was the first we heard of this and that was through the funeral home (Cameron’s Funeral Home) in Walkerton, ON. And we would like to thank you again for your services.

Bruce Holliday, Chesley ON – June 2022

This has taken so much pressure off me. This is a wonderful service.

M.B., Wallaceburg ON – June 2022

Thank you for taking care of the details. As a previous estate trustee without this service, it was truly a godsend in these circumstances. It allowed us not to focus on these details and focus on our family during this devastating time. Our representative was both very compassionate and very professional. She was thorough, and patient with me during this very sad situation. Such an invaluable service. I would recommend to all funeral homes to offer this service to its families and those bereaved families everywhere. Thank you for all your help.

H.S., Halton Hills ON – June 2022

My agent was helpful and caring when she telephoned me.

Rosemary Packman, Campbellford ON – June 2022

Very helpful.

Dan Beck, Campbellford ON – June 2022

Thanks to our Associate for helping me through this difficult time.

B.M., London ON – June 2022

My agent was a great help. I would not have thought of half of the stuff that I had to do. Very pleasant and helpful.

Mary Jane Cunningham, Carrying Place ON – June 2022

This service is the best idea … it took all the stress out of the legal part of this whole ordeal.

Pam Hobden, Wallaceburg ON – June 2022

I am entirely satisfied with your service and representative.

R.L., Brantford ON – June 2022

My Associate was very thorough and understanding. She explained the process and documents required clearly and concisely. She was very pleasant on the phone and easy to understand. The documents provided were completed accurately and the cover letter instructions were excellent. I would highly recommend Peacehold to anyone needing such services.

L.S., Mississauga ON – June 2022

Your services brought us peace of mind while dealing with all of the complexities of a father’s death.

Robert. Carder, Mount Forest ON – June 2022

The young lady I spoke with via phone appointment was very kind, understanding and voiced her compassion to me. I would like you to know that believe it or not, the voice on the other end really matters. Thank you for your kindness and all your professional help in a very hard time. I think your services are excellent.

T.F., Kincardine ON – June 2022

I would suggest that everyone take advantage of your service. A great value.

Donna Spencer, Campbellford ON – June 2022

This service you provide is amazing. It truly helped with the process of notifying all necessary agencies regards to my aunt’s passing. My representative was very supportive, helpful and thorough. Thank you for the assistance with this difficult process.

Kelly Cook, Enfield NS – June 2022

My agent was great to work with and followed up with emails. I would recommend this service to anyone who has had a death in the family.

Lori Oliver, Walkerton ON – June 2022

My agent has been a huge help with everything. She is so very professional, polite and thorough. I felt like I was speaking and communicating with a new friend. This is so important, especially in our time of grieving. I highly recommend for anyone to use your service. The paperwork can be overwhelming at times, and she took much of the load off.

Nancy Avolio, Welland ON – June 2022

I am so glad my father had the Peacehold service. With so many decisions to make and people to contact, it was wonderful to have someone help me through the paperwork. There is so much information given to you at once, it is easy to forget or not remember the details. Thank you for helping ease the process.

Tammy Marcele, Belleville ON – June 2022

It cannot be emphasised more the importance of the cover letter and the detailed document. Without it, I would have been lost. Thank you so much at this difficult time for my family.

Jack Wicks, Markham ON – June 2022

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