My Peacehold Associate was very professional and knowledgeable. Your service is great in assisting people with the paperwork. It saved me a lot of time and made it easier for me to deal with everything. Thanks again for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Tammy Higgins, Thamesford, ON – April 2024

The Peacehold service was extremely helpful during a difficult time for our family. The process was very thorough and having the documents prepared by Peacehold, along with correctly addressed envelopes made our lives so much simpler by ensuring all the appropriate organizations were informed in a timely manner. I was very impressed by my Peacehold Associate’s knowledge, professionalism and compassion. She ensured that we explored all organizations, including those entities from overseas that provided pensions to my father. Myself and my family wish to thank Peacehold and especially my Associate for their assistance during this difficult time. I have recommended your service to everyone I know. Thank you.

Shawn Marley, Embrun, ON – April 2024

This is a very valuable service. It greatly reduced my stress. My Peacehold Associate was exceptional, thorough, and helpful. My only suggestion I would give is on the first page of the cover letter, I love the total quantities, however it would have been helpful to have the full detail listed in the checklist than in greater detail under the headings. I would rather be told twice in 2 different areas just to clarify. Great service! Thanks again!

C. Keen, Regina, SK – April 2024

My dad passed away early February 2024 and I worked with Peacehold at that time. Mom passed away 50 days later and I immediately e-mailed my Peacehold Associate to ask if I could work with her again. My Associate did an amazing, compassionate job in both cases! A big thank you to my Peacehold Associate!

Carole Triff, St Albert, AB – April 2024

Wonderful service! I highly recommend Peacehold. Right from the initial phone appointment, my Peacehold Associate called at the exact time I was advised and worked with me through the completion of my documents package. It was so easy to do. Each form to be filled out and sent in had a list of what was needed, and came with an addressed and stamped envelope. Made a difficult job seamless.

Cynthia Quesnelle, Tiny, ON – April 2024

I would like to thank my Peacehold Associate for all her help, compassion, and for being a pro with people during a difficult time. Sadly, since my mom passed 50 days after my dad, I worked with this Associate again. She is amazing!

Carole Triff, St Albert, AB – April 2024

In our opinion, this is an invaluable service you provide. The peace of mind this brings to families during the grief process is truly remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Peter Abramowitz, Newmarket, ON – April 2024

Thank you for everything. At a time when all these matters are the last thing I wanted to think of, this was the easiest process. Just sign and send! I can’t thank my Peacehold Associate enough for her kindness. She is certainly doing the right job!

Deb Pierce, Glen Williams, ON – April 2024

You made the bleakest time of my life easier to manage. Thank you.

Elizabeth Botar, Coquitlam, BC – April 2024

Excellent service! Thank you.

T.K., Walkerton, ON – April 2024

I was so impressed that there were addressed envelopes with stamps! Just needed to put the documents in the envelopes and mail them. All done within 2 hours. Thank you.

Sharon Spence, Cochin, SK – April 2024

Thank you for this service! There were so many documents included that we never would have thought to be required. My Peacehold Associate was extremely helpful and explained all questions I had in detail. Thank you! Thank you! [Repeat is original.]

D.W., Walkerton, ON – April 2024

My Peacehold Associate was a wonderful lady who helped me through this overwhelming process. As the niece to my aunt and uncle, who unbelievably passed away last November 2023 within 2 days of each other, they left no Executor named to handle their Estate. The bank they named in their Wills renounced their duties, which left me to be named by the Court to handle the affairs. This service that they pre-paid for as part of their funeral package helped me SO much. I am so grateful to Peacehold and my Peacehold Associate!

S.M., London, ON – April 2024

You made my life better during the most painful I have ever experienced. Thank you!

Adrienne Hammond, Surrey, BC – April 2024

I would like to say a special thank you to my Peacehold Associate for making everything so much easier for me. Her patience was wonderful and made me feel comfortable the entire time speaking with her.

Penny DeJong, Trenton, ON – April 2024

Very helpful.

Barry Beitz, Teeswater, ON – April 2024

We were glad of your services which saved us a lot of stress.

Joan Worsley, Amherstburg, ON – April 2024

Thank you to my Peacehold Associate for his caring and thoughtful service. At a time of grief and great stress, the services he provided were invaluable in getting the estate settlement process started.

Michelle Medenblik, Georgetown, ON – April 2024

Peacehold’s services were incredibly thorough and helpful during such a difficult time for my family and I. I never expected to go through this process at 30 years old with zero guidance. Peacehold provided me guidance. My Peacehold Associate did an exceptional job assisting me over the phone. My experience with Peacehold and my Associate alleviated a significant amount of stress. Incredible, invaluable service. Thank you!

Jane Brown, Havelock, ON – April 2024

Peacehold streamlined and simplified the process at a difficult time. My Peacehold Associate was prompt and helpful, especially when all the documents had to be resent due to a spelling error.

M.M, Campbellford, ON – April 2024

We received excellent help. The documents were well prepared. Your services will balance out the declining services of financial institutions and government agencies. They don’t employ enough and knowledgeable people. The new norm is a 5 day turnaround for a callback and hours on hold on the telephone, without any results. Your excellent and timely help saves time and lots of aggravation. Unfortunately it does not speed up the “reply” process. Thank you to my Peacehold Associate.

Etelka Pozsgay, Thornhill, ON – April 2024

This service is nothing short of exceptional. Thank you to my Peacehold Associate for all your efforts.

Cynthia Many, Acton, ON – April 2024

Firstly, my Peacehold Associate was truly amazing! She covers all the boxes. She was thorough and very professional. Second, the package was also amazing, perfectly laid out, easy to follow, right down to colour coordinated post-its. Wow. Coming from an accountant/auditor, I was truly impressed. Will definitely recommend this service and plan on providing feedback to my funeral director as well.

Jeff Gilbert, Waterford, ON – April 2024

Amazing job.

John McLean, Georgetown, ON – April 2024

Absolutely fabulous service. Thank you!

P.B., Walkerton, ON – April 2024

Your service is amazing. Thank you so much for saving me so much time and headaches. My funeral director was also amazing, highly recommend both your services. Thank you.

Vicki Lowe, Wooler, ON – April 2024

I will recommend this service to anyone. The phone interview was easy and thorough. Hopefully this service will be in place long into the future. I have left contact information with my Will so my sons can use it when I go.

A.D., Langley, BC – April 2024

For being unsure what I was to do, Peacehold was a great help. It took a lot of the guesswork out.

Mary Dietrich, St Clements, ON – April 2024

My Peacehold Associate was a calm, caring and compassionate person. She explained everything in a clear and concise manner. The process, while lengthy, was handled on a timely and thorough basis. Her telephone manners were exceptional. She displayed a real concern for her client under these very difficult circumstances. The package was well prepared and accurate. The whole process was made very easy. Well done!

J.K., Mississauga, ON – April 2024

This service was a godsend during a difficult time. My Peacehold Associate was very helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The package I received with the letters and forms was very detailed and thorough. A big thank you for all your help.

Marion McGugan, Mississauga, ON – April 2024

My Peacehold Associate was extremely pleasant, returned calls promptly and guided me. Thank you!

Wendy Soutar, Lasalle, ON – April 2024

Your package made my load so much easier to bear. I referred several times to the list featured in the cover letter covering the amount of certificates and other documents needed for each letter. It was good to be able to focus on what was needed and easy to follow throughout. My Peacehold Associate couldn’t have been an easier, more compassionate and knowledgeable representative. He was so considerate! I would recommend this service to anyone and already have. An incredible service providing professional and very respectful information and paperwork to my family and myself. Sending much gratitude and respect.

Linda Anderson, Nakusp, BC – April 2024

When I met with our lawyer I told him how helpful Peacehold had been with the preparation of the documents required upon my husband’s death. The timelines and thoroughness of your service impressed him and asked to read the covering letter outlining how many copies of which document were to be made and the notification letters which accompany the documents. He was unaware of a service such as Peacehold and appreciated being advised about it. I will certainly advise my family and friends about Peacehold and want to thank my Peacehold associate for her kind and gentle voice at a very sad time, and for all her efforts to ease the way for me.

S. M., Delta, BC – April 2024

Excellent service. Much appreciated.

L.D., London, ON – April 2024

Booking a call with Peacehold was straightforward and included a thorough run down of information I would need for the call as Executor of my mom’s Estate. My Peacehold Associate called and was incredibly patient, professional and clear when answering all of my questions. She was very responsive by e-mail afterward as well and even followed up with a call to ensure my tracked package arrived once it notified her. I was astonished by the keen level of detail for each mailing and the cover letter instructions. Each envelope was already stamped and ready to mail with the address and they included a copy of each document for my records. Thank you for your care to support what could have been an even more difficult time if we didn’t have Peacehold’s services. Thank you!

Liz Lecky, Bowmanville, ON – April 2024

My Peacehold Associate was very compassionate on the phone. Taking her time with the questions and was very patient with my answers. I felt very comfortable speaking with her. She helped with that. Paperwork came back promptly and my Peacehold Associate followed up to make sure we received it all.

Sherry Durrer and Shirley Culbert, Mildmay, ON – April 2024

Thank you to my Peacehold Associate for her patience and thoroughness. Thank you for answering all of our questions and for the understanding.

Sandra White, Baltimore, ON – April 2024

This made the process so much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend this service. Well done!

Claudia Huber, Canyon, BC – April 2024

Excellent service, very clear and easy to understand, I don’t think I could have done this without your help. Thank you!

Brent Phee, Etobicoke, ON – April 2024

My Peacehold Associate was helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I found this service incredibly helpful for this difficult process.

Erin Myers, Georgetown, ON – April 2024

This is a very valuable service. I would not have known where to begin without guidance from Peacehold. My Peacehold Associate was very helpful and compassionate.

Joy Troke, Trenton, ON – April 2024

Very thorough and effortless process. Very valuable at a very difficult time. Thank you!

H.V., Bowmanville, ON – April 2024

Thank you for the help. I would not have known or understood who all to contact. My Peacehold Associate was great. I would note though for your processes, TransUnion requested more documentation than was submitted.

Lisa Naugler, Georgetown, ON – April 2024

I have used Peacehold services twice now and have been extremely happy with this service. They offer assistance during such a hard time, especially when your mind is going through so many different areas at once.

Rhonda Hancock, Georgetown, ON – April 2024

Would make it easier if the funeral home was able to provide the necessary paperwork such as certified copies of the death certificate and any invoice directly to Peacehold. My Peacehold Associate was wonderful to work with.

Mona Lenko, Mississauga, ON – April 2024

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