I had no idea regarding Peacehold. We spoke with the funeral home and they suggested that your company would be a great assistance regarding the necessary process and paperwork. It was well worth the money. I must say that our Associate was very helpful, and she is a “keeper”, as she was easy to talk to and very cordial. Note … it would be a pleasure to recommend her and Peacehold.

Richard Niles, Arva ON – October 2020

I found the process extremely helpful with all the prepared letters and forms. I would not know where to begin with it all, and this saved hours of work and trekking about to different agencies.

I.A., Walkerton ON – October 2020

My agent was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Nothing was too much trouble then and since. If I had to get all those forms etc. myself, at this difficult time, I would still be trying to contact government agencies etc.! This service made everything so much easier, and less stressful. I am very grateful that I was able to use your services and thank you for them. Everyone who I know, who has had the benefit of these services, say that it was been an amazing service, and they do not know how they would have managed otherwise. Thank you so much, again.

J.H., Georgetown ON – October 2020

Worth the money. Would highly recommend.

Linda Barker, Waterford ON – October 2020

I would just like to thank you for all your help in navigating this process.

Sharon Fischer, Stettler AB – October 2020

The service is excellent. My agent was wonderful to talk to and very helpful. I would and will recommend this service to family and friends.

Eric Darling, Consecon ON – October 2020

A great job. Everything was so easy the way it was laid out.

William Forth, Cambridge ON – October 2020

Thank you for your assistance with all the final documents. Having someone to assist with and go through all the paperwork was very helpful. There are so many things that we do not think about.

C.K., St. Constant QC – October 2020

Excellent service all the way through … thank you.

Susan Gabriel, Edmonton AB – October 2020

To my Associate, the service you offered was extremely helpful. Thanks so much.

Betty Dawn O’Halloran, Warkworth ON – October 2020

Thank you for all of your help at this difficult time.

C.M., Dresden ON – October 2020

Thank you very much. This service was amazingly good. I have heard many nightmare stories of people who had to do it all themselves. This was SO easy!

D.B., Cowichan Bay BC – October 2020

In the stressful heart broken, head spinning time following my husband’s death, the services of Peacehold were so very much appreciated. When and if an occasion develops, I will definitely recommend your company. I recently received an “Executor’s Guide to Their Duties and Responsibilities” from Erassure; very good advice, thank you.

A.H., Camlachie ON – October 2020

Thank you for all your help. Very useful.

N.Y., Campbellford ON – October 2020

Your people were very kind and compassionate in my time of need. If I know anyone in need, I will not hesitate to recommend Peacehold.

H.R., London ON – October 2020

I especially appreciated the easy to follow step by step instructions in the cover letter … it was thorough and self explaining.

J.D., London ON – October 2020

After going through this process and receiving the package, all I can say is WOW! Just had to sign documents and provide wills and death certificate as specified. There is a lot to do at this time and Peacehold simplified it. Thank you so much to you and my agent for her help.

Mark Scott, Georgetown ON – October 2020

Dear folks, again great service. Well laid out format.

Dave Tafferner, Kincardine ON – October 2020

My sister passed away September 2, 2020. Scott from Nichols Funeral Home in Wallaceburg informed me of your services. I’d never heard of Peacehold, and how you might be able to assist in all of the many documents needed to be filed with various agencies. The previous 2 months had been such an emotional roller coaster, absolutely gut wrenching. This sounded wonderful to me. He arranged to have Peacehold contact me at a prearranged time. My Associate called and explained everything she was going to do … she was a Godsend, so calm, compassionate, thorough, so organized. She documented all the information needed to complete everything, so patient, soft spoken, calming for sure. We were informed of the package she would be sending … all of its contents and when to expect it, and we did, beautifully laid out, so easy. We are so pleased with your services … informed all of our family and friends. Some, I’m sure will be contacting you as time dictates.

James Carter, Maidstone ON – October 2020

I found your service very helpful. It took away a lot of stress of having to be sure that everything is covered at this stressful time. My agent was a great help; very compassionate and professional. Very helpful and explained everything.

C.L, Georgetown ON – October 2020

The employee my brother and I dealt with when our father passed as well as when our mother did 15 months prior was extremely helpful, and even more in Dad’s case as there were more issues to be dealt with being the last surviving spouse. Your service makes handling all the different agencies almost easy. You lay it all out by the steps and I just filled in the blanks. I have told other executors about your services and most know of your company. I was hoping to deal with my agent again after her help with Mom and was pleased to have the same superior service.

J.C., Campbellford ON – October 2020

No suggestions. I would just like to say thank you. Everything was very easy and quick to work with and everyone I communicated with was very professional. Thank you again very much for your assistance during this difficult time.

W.N., Lashburn SK – October 2020

This service made the final paperwork arrangements for my recently deceased mother very easy during a very difficult time. It is efficient and included everything that was required to stop pension payments, as well as other types of payments.

Debra Bates, Georgetown ON – October 2020

Though I’m immensely appreciative of your provided services (completed paperwork, envelopes addressed and stamped etc.), I most appreciate the exceeding level of care and consideration my Associate has continually shown me. She has been gentle and understanding and has always made it clear she is available to help me in any way she can. Very grateful to her for her kindness and assistance at this most difficult time.

S.W., Toronto ON – October 2020

I truly appreciated your service. When someone dear to you passes, it is welcome to have a service like Peacehold to take care of cumbersome paperwork. And the compassionate tone throughout the process is priceless. Thank you!

L.B., Burnaby BC – October 2020

Excellent product and service, especially at a time of extreme emotional upset. Peacehold knows and provides the exact document required and it is fully filled out. That saves a lot of time to the family or executor.

Marilynn Lefler, Waterford ON – October 2020

Very pleased with the services of Peacehold. Second time our family has used the services of Peacehold in the last 7 months. Both times our agent was very efficient, thorough, and thoughtful. Thanks a lot.

T.O., Walkerton ON – October 2020

Very helpful and easy to follow. Thank you.

C.T., Komoka ON – October 2020

This is certainly a very helpful service. It is comforting to know such a service is available for families. It alleviates some stress knowing that almost every document you need is at your fingertips.

M.F., Georgetown ON – October 2020

I found your service very helpful and valuable in organizing all the aspects of managing and notifying service providers and the government in relation to my uncle’s estate. I took great comfort knowing we covered and contacted all relevant parties, especially the government of Canada and Ontario.

Brad Norris, Toronto ON – October 2020

Your professionalism and knowledge regarding services to be notified when a person passes was invaluable. This allowed us to grieve for our mother without having to be thinking of what needed to be done after her death. Most importantly, during the phone conversation when you were asking for pertinent information regarding our mother, your empathy and compassion were greatly appreciated. You provided us with the necessary documents, direction, and information to complete the tasks that needed to be tended to after mom’s passing.

Lynn Pegg, Wasaga Beach ON – October 2020

My Associate was fantastic! Very caring, knowledgeable, thorough and timely. I would highly recommend her and your service to anyone. As executor of my Mother’s estate back in 1987, I was totally on my own … not a good feeling! Now with Peacehold, it is so much different to be guided and properly advised what to do and when. So very reassuring and comforting as well. Thank you so very much!

Greg Search, Mississauga ON – October 2020

My agent is an excellent communicator. Her questions were very clear, and I found it easy to talk with her. The package that was assembled for us met our needs. The enclosed instructions were concise and easy to follow. To have everything so organized was a great stress reliever during this time of grief. Our agent thought of things that I may have overlooked if I had not had her guidance. Your service is a tremendous help to those who have lost a loved one.

Christine Collins, Wallaceburg ON – October 2020

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