Great service made dealing with all the paperwork a breeze and less stressful. Thank you so much.

Nancy Silva, Orillia ON – August 2019

My mother and I had lost my father recently, and I had the privilege of speaking with our Associate. I was so taken by her first comment to me before we started, which was “before we get things started, I would like to pass on to you and your family my sincere sympathy in the loss of your father. I was truly touched by this. Her compassion, knowledge and her caring is to be commended. She explained everything to me and I was never rushed in any way. I truly am thankful to her for all she did for us, as it helped us so much during a very difficult and emotional time. What our Associate did and what Peacehold does for others is an amazing and exceptional program. We are truly thankful.

Valerie Williams, Belleville ON – August 2019

This is an absolutely amazing service. I could not say enough good about how this was handled. It made the whole grieving process so much easier. Everything was so easy to follow, which is important, as sometimes it is hard to absorb all the information you need. I have informed Jones Funeral Home how amazing this service is. I wish to say a special thank you to your agent, as she was so kind and professional when she called. I received a follow-up call today. I will not hesitate to recommend this service!

Joan Brading, Georgetown ON – August 2019

I appreciate the help I received from you, and your compassion and understanding during this difficult time.

C.P., Rouleau SK – August 2019

I would like to thank you for your help during this very difficult time. I had no idea of where to begin. I will recommendyour company and I will also be telling all my friends on Facebook about your company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Barbara Doerr, Walkerton ON – August 2019

I’m very pleased with your service. The amount of paperwork required to correctly deal with the passing of a loved one is overwhelming. Your service representative was helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable. I’m confident that matters are handled correctly, relieving me of a great deal of stress.

Michelle Oryall, Abbotsford BC – August 2019

Paul Needham of Westview Funeral Chapel recommended Peacehold, as he had used your service for his father’s estate and spoke very highly of your company and the services you provide. It was a no brainer! And the fee was reasonable especially during this time. My agent was timely, professional and very compassionate during our telephone conversation, and made the process quick and easy. Thank you. I recently received my package and it was just as you had described.

Susan Simpson, London ON – August 2019

Both people whom I’ve had contact with are very professional and caring. The services provided have been exemplary. I received documents in a timely manner. The additional information I was not aware of and have been a tremendous help. I would recommend this service to all. It should be part of a high school course combined with finances and taxes.

Sheryl Wright, Canyon BC – Auguast 2019

Your service at this time is much appreciated. I would not have known to contact so many government departments, etc. If I ever hear of anyone needing assistance, I will be glad to give them your name.

Philomena Murphy, Brampton ON – August 2019

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Your help was far and above anything we could have imagined!

D.W., Chilliwack BC – August 2019

Your service was exceptional! The phone interview was easy and I received all the forms very quickly. Everything was well-organized and easy to follow. I would highly recommend your service. It was such a relief to have this done at such a difficult time … thank you!
Andrea Frossard, London ON – August 2019

Many thanks for your very helpful service.

Arthur Reid, Foxboro ON – August 2019

After my husband passed, I found it overwhelming with all the paperwork and all the people who had to be notified. Having Peacehold call me and talk me through so many things was so comforting, and I felt it was in their capable hands to do the paperwork. I received my package and found it easy to sign off on all the papers and was so relieved it was done properly.

F.G., Elliot Lake ON – August 2019

Your service was excellent and most certainly removed a great deal of stress from me.

Greg Beatty, Chatham ON – August 2019

I was very impressed with my agent during our phone conversation. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but she made me feel very comfortable right away. She was very patient when I had to go to the safe to find certain documents. Thank you so much for this service you have provided me with. I’ve been executor on two previous occasions and this process has made it so much easier. So, thank you very much and I will certainly recommend your service in the future.

Jane Poirier, Trenton ON – August 2019

Very thorough, effective process. Excellent service!

P.W., Markham ON – August 2019

Thank you for the services!

D.C., Consecon ON – August 2019

I was completely skeptical when I came across this program after my step-father passed away. I couldn’t understand the value of communicating information to a 3rd party when I could have very easily done the work myself. I reluctantly booked a phone call to start the process and I was completely surprised at the ease and professionalism of your Associate. She was great, thorough and compassionate, etc. Once I got off the phone, I was instantly relieved that I wouldn’t have to make 30 or 40 phone calls to figure this stuff out. When the package came to my house shortly afterwards, the ease of completing and inserting documents was great, and I don’t know how I could have done this on my own throughout the shock and mourning process.

J.L., Milton ON – August 2019

Thank you to my agent for all of your help. You made a difficult time easier by your thorough explanation, and the package that followed.

Kory Clark, Peterborough ON – August 2019

Having used Peacehold in 2016 after the death of my aunt, I was already happy to use Peacehold again. My Associate was thorough, compassionate and informative. I have nothing but high praise for your service; you saved me worry, work, and provided ease of mind. Many, many thanks for being there for me.

Sandra Berry-Ashpole, Beamsville ON – August 2019

My agent did a wonderful job for me. I would definitely recommend your service to others.

Donald Chubbuck, Stouffville ON – August 2019

My experience with your Associate was very positive in all aspects. I found her presentation to be thorough, informative, and compassionate, and at no time did she leave me with the impression that she was simply “checking the boxes”. On the contrary, I was left with the sincere impression during all communication that I was dealing with someone who was well informed and dedicated on providing a professional service.

Stephen Sioui, Trenton ON – August 2019

Excellent product … couldn’t imagine how I would have done this without your company. Thank you for your wonderful professionalism.

Doug Keene, Campbellford ON – August 2019

Your service was exceptional! The phone interview was easy and I received all forms very quickly. Everything was well-organized and easy to follow. I would highly recommend your service. It was such a relief to have this done at such a difficult time.

Andrea F., London ON – August 2019

Very happy with the service and compassion given by both my agents and your company as a whole. Found their manner calmingand assuring.

Mary Black, Port Perry ON – August 2019

I am so appreciative and grateful for this service. My agent was amazing, and absolutely top notch. She was very compassionate and helped me to get the work done.

Daniel Rix, Hawkesbury ON – August 2019

We cannot thank Peacehold and especially our Associate enough for their dedication, thoroughness and attention to detail. They made this process painless and super easy. Very much appreciated the follow up call to ensure we received everything we needed. Package arrived on time, with everything exactly as we were told it would be. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with the passing of a loved one or even for their future passing. I am very grateful for the notice connection package … they provided tons of helpful FAQ in regards to insurance. Thanks again for covering all the bases to help us fill out all necessary paperwork for our passed away loved one.

K.D., London ON – August 2019

We were grateful for all your help and guidance during such a difficult time. You made a very difficult time less painful. Thanks for all your help.

K.S., Erin ON – August 2019

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