As you become familiar with the Peacehold service, here are some answers to common questions that are asked and may be of interest.

    Question: Can you please explain what Peacehold does?

    Answer: Peacehold is the pioneer in after-care estate documentation … we assist in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents, maximizing government and corporate benefits after the passing of a loved one.

    Each one of our families receives a customized package with a cover letter taking them step-by-step through the signing of the enclosed documents. Also included are attached pre-addressed/ stamped envelopes and copies of all correspondence.

    More detail…

    We assist families process government documents, retire identification, contact insurance companies and notify other institutions & companies. We complete, ready for your signature and final completion, the CPP application and the CPP survivor’s application and other government documents applying for benefits. We assist in retiring the health card, SIN card, driver’s license and passport. Peacehold prepares letters on your behalf to Equifax and TransUnion (the 2 major credit bureaus in Canadia), which limits potential future compromised credit in the event of fraudulent activity. We contact former employers and insurance to initiate the process of paperwork.

    There are many other matters we can assist in such as foreign pensions, etc. Please contact us now for more detail.

    Question: Do you cancel credit cards?

    Answer: Unfortunately, due to their strict privacy legislations, we are not able to cancel that on your behalf. If you call the number on the back of the credit card, you should be able to cancel it. They most likely will require a copy of the Proof of Death Certificate.

    Question: How much does your service cost?

    Answer: $695 plus tax. However, if you are associated with a funeral, they may have arranged for corporate rate.

    This includes as many administrative documents, emails and phone calls as is necessary with 1 year full support at no additional cost.

    Question: Do you deal with bank accounts?

    Answer: Due to privacy legislations, banks will not allow us to close accounts or take a name off an account. It is best to make an appointment with the branch manager and bring with you a copy of the Will (or a letter stating that you are the Court Appointed Administrator,) and a copy of the Proof of Death Certificate.

    Question: Do you provide legal or accounting services?

    Answer: No. Peacehold does not provide legal or accounting expertise or advice.

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