My agent made us very comfortable and he was very compassionate with us. All forms were completed for us and he never rushed us through this difficult time. This is a wonderful service.

Kathy Evans, King Kirkland ON – October 2018

Everything about your service is excellent. The service rep I spoke with was compassionate and very helpful and explained everything very well, allowing me to understand the process. The instructions were easy to follow. At this stressful time your service is exactly what I needed.

J.C., Walkerton ON – October 2018

Your services were very thorough and with easy to follow instructions. It was a very good service and so helpful. I would not have been able to do all of what you have done as efficiently and in such a professional manner as you have done. You have done some things I would not have thought of. When I had a question, my agent was right there to help me out. She was extremely thoughtful, caring and easy to relate to. I cannot express in so many words how wonderful it has been to have your company help me through this. Thank you so much to all of you and I wish you all the best. Note I might add that with all the envelopes addressed and stamped and copies made, it was simply outstanding.

Terry Schwarz, London ON – October 2018

Thank you for your help during this stressful time. My associate was very patient in explaining what was required.

Mary Tavener, Grand Bend ON – October 2018

Thanks for your support, the paperwork is something we don’t want to do under the circumstances.

M.I., Mississauga ON – October 2018

My agent was very helpful. When we called and left a message, she called back promptly for a reply.

S.M., Simcoe ON – October 2018

Peacehold made managing what seemed like endless paper work, completely manageable. Truly money well spent!

Irene Pinto, London ON – October 2018

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service that you provided us. This was a very difficult time (it still is) and Peacehold made our lives much simpler. I lost my husband nearly a year ago and as I sit here and think, I don’t know how we would have managed it all again. I thank you! Every chance I get I talk to my friends about how great your service is. I explain to them how much Peacehold made our time, which was difficult so much better! I provide them with your address and phone number. Thank you, we apprecaite your assistance!

Mary Padyk, Waterford ON – October 2018

I found your service very helpful. I am pleased we signed up for your service as it made the process easier.

P.B., Coldstream BC – October 2018

I would like to thank Peacehold for their professionalism and thoroughness of their service. It has been a huge help during this stressful time. A special thanks to my agent for all of her help and compassion. I would recommend Peacehold to anybody who has to go through this process.

C.R., Roseneath ON – October 2018

I have recommended your service to several people as being very helpful and easy to use and follow.

P.B., ON

Your service was wonderful. It was thorough and saved me a lot of time. I recommend you highly.

N.M., Trenton ON – October 2018

I appreciate that we can utilize your services for a year. Things always come up that we may have overlooked or forgotten about.

J.A., Mount Brydges ON – October 2018

A neat service. I didn’t have any idea that it was available. Something like this would be nice to know before something happens. Thank you for the efforts of this company.

Christa Milne, Campbellford ON – October 2018

My associate was amazing, covered everything very well.

M.O., Belmont ON – October 2018

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